Edgewater neighborhood – Narragansett RI real estate

Edgewater neighborhood – Narragansett RI real estate


Edgewater in Narragansett- Narrow River

Narragansett Real Estate is About the Waterfront


Narragansett RI is the home of the renowned Narragansett Beach…it is a location Rhode Islanders are all proud of.

Edgewater in Narragansett real estate

Edgewater Homes for Sale

So the Edgewater neighborhood in RI real estate is unique in its own right and will not to be upstaged by a local beach by any means.  This fine neighborhood is on the northerly point of Narragansett and is located on the other waterfront border –Narrow River.

True to form Edgewater is a mix of ranch homes, cottages, colonials and upscale homes to enjoy.  The choice of Narragansett homes for sale is varied but all have one thing in common here – all are within walking distance to the Narragansett waterfront.


Narrow River right in your own neighborhood brings you front and center to water sport enjoyment for the whole family…they are quiet waters.  Not a river with motor boats galore but kayaks and tranquility to enjoy.  It the way that this river is kept pristine and protects its estuaries.


What is great about this Narragansett neighborhood?

Well there is so much to share but first and foremost it is a quiet and peaceful area of

Edgewater Narragansett RI home for sale

Edgewater Real Estate for Sale

Narragansett…private, hidden and bike friendly roads.  This is a cul de sac neighborhood where pass through roads just do not exist.  It is where one wants to raise the kids and have them enjoy the memories here that are long lasting.  Yet, you are minutes from the Bonnet Shores neighborhood beaches, 5 minutes to the renowned Narragansett Beach or walk down the road to Narrow River.  In fact, get your kayak out and follow the river right down to Narragansett beach!


Edgewater Narragansett real estate

Waterviews of Edgewater real estate

Edgewater has the homes that will appeal to your living senses.  What a place to live and grow.  Good schools, great environment, cross the bridges to Jamestown and Newport.


Do not put aside the fact either that your real estate taxes are nearly half the surrounding towns…well it sure makes a difference in your financial budget too. So explore this Narragansett neighborhood and discover the homes here that will appeal to you.  For Narragansett real estate guidance in this neighborhood and beyond reach out to me, Ginny Lacey Gorman at 401.529.7849.

Edgewater neighborhood – Narragansett RI real estate.

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