Homeowner Pointers

Homeowner Pointers


It doesn’t matter if you have a waterfront RI home or a neighborhood home in Rhode Island real estate, these helpful tips will make home ownership

Know Your House and How to Save Money

South County RI Home – Homeowner Pointers

easier.   Becoming a well informed homeowner has just become easier with a web site called www.HouseLogic.com.  This site helps you as a homeowner make the most of your investment every day.  And I’m just going to share some of what interested me with you from this site:

Plan a great kitchen & bath remodel without changing the footprint, add storage & get lighting ideas- some good questions to ask before hiring a contractor:

-Will you itemize your bid so it’s clear what you’re charging for each aspect of the job?

– Is the bid an estimate or a fixed price?

– Who are your main suppliers?  Keep your costs down so you can recoup some of the monies when you sell.

Many ideas on ‘greening’ your house – especially as you look to decrease heating/cooling/water bills.

Did you know that real money is allocated to energy rebates for certain replacement appliances in RI & other states…check out the rebates on line at www.energysavers.gov.  In Rhode Island, National Grid will contract out to do a free energy audit on you home when requested, give you great deals on energy improvements to your home (lighting fixtures, insulation improvements, heating system upgrades, etc.) at a reduced cost.  These are all important to showcase when selling your home.

Ways to save energy…just planting trees on the west side of your home provides cooling in the summer.  In winter, after it loses its leaves, the same trees let in sunlight that cuts heating and lighting bills.

When to make an insurance claim and when to skip it.  Generally, it makes sense to file an insurance for damage that exceeds your deductible.

But there are exceptions:  if you report significant water damage up to $10,000, some insurers will notify you they’re canceling your policy at renewal time because of mold concerns.  Be aware of your homeowner insurance limitations by checking your policy.

Right methods and tools for bathroom cleaning…Using chemical prone products is not healthy. A pumice stone and rubber gloves are sufficient for removing mineral deposits in bathrooms.  For more scouring power, baking soda mixed with vinegar works well.  And it’s inexpensive!

De-Clutter the Home and Yard… showing the spaciousness of the rooms is paramount in showcasing a home for sale so do it.  Listen to your real estate agent on this one.  Get rid of the junk in the yard and stage the outside for the buyer to drive by and whistle at the house.  That is what you want.   First impressions are the ones that bring offers to sellers!

What other homeowner pointers will benefit You?  I am sure there are many you can share with me too.


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