Video Gallery

Video Gallery of Rhode Island Real Estate Places & Neighborhoods


From Condo complexes in southern RI to neighborhoods to explore, this Rhode Island video gallery will give you the snippets you need to see.  It is all about location when buying and the visual senses must be attuned to where you want to be located.  Here is my YouTube video channel that has subdivisions and RI locations to explore :

I hope you find the video channel helpful in your search to identify the places and neighborhoods you want to live in.  Working with home buyers and sellers is what I do and my clients are always protected in negotiations and pricing homes.  Reach out to me, Ginny Gorman, of RI coastal real estate, at 401.529.7849 or email me at today.


Waterfront, oceanfront, luxury and coastal Rhode Island real estate are my specialty but all of RI is my backyard.  When you are in need of a knowledgeable RI real estate professional and specialist for your buying, selling or relocating needs and an internet savvy marketer who sells RI houses in this real estate market, call Ginny Gorman at 401.529.7849 or email her at today.  It is part of my DNA!