Consider Moving to North Kingstown RI

 North Kingstown RI May Be the Right Choice for You

Consider Moving to North Kingstown RI whether you are relocating or moving around RI real estate.  Here you will

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want to explore the town with its centrally geographic location, historic Wickford Village within its boundaries and waterfront homes and vistas.  Relocating to North Kingstown for executives, returning homeowners, retirees and wanting a sweet life style brings great location opportunities for you.

The town and people:

North Kingstown is considered part of South County’ Rhode Island and is on the West Bay side of Narragansett Bay.  Enjoying a population of about 27,000 residents within its 43.6 square miles of land and 14.7 square miles of water makes it a wonderful waterfront town to live with one’s family, vacation or just retire here.  It truly is central to the state geographically.  Being close to Route 4 which travels the route to our ocean beaches and to Route 95 which is 10 minutes away if you are heading to Providence is a bonus of living in North Kingstown RI.

Wickford Village- North Kingstown RI

Wickford Town Square

With over 10,000 households in North Kingstown which have 36% having children under the age of 18.

Household median family income is around $60,000.  There are more females than males in town if you are looking for interesting statistics!  First and foremost you will find a warm community of residents who appreciate their homes and love of the Narragansett Bay coastline.

Wickford RI has a new train station as of April 2012 with connections to Warwick, Providence and Boston MA.  This mass transit system will be a huge benefit to commuters and a benefit to the town.


Moving to North Kingstown RI

Culturally North Kingstown is a true New England

Wickford RI

Historic Home in Wickford Village

town having been established in 1674.  The waterfront historic Wickford Village is the centerpiece of the town with its brightly colored, well preserved antique homes that line the side streets of the village.  Wickford Village has a Preservation Commission that works hard at keeping the village’s history and preservation of homes intact.   It has true New England charm, with the Narragansett Bay close at hand, to enjoy especially if you are a mariner at heart-marinas abound here.  Who would not want to enjoy all it has to offer?


From the historic birth place of the famous portrait painter Gilbert Stuart and the museum in his honor here to an original colonial plantation of Casey Farm on the Old Boston Neck Road in town that still continues as a working farm today- the town is alive with great history.  Many home buyers come to explore the real estate here because of the historic interest in the community while others come because of the family environment here.

Moving to North Kingstown RI means considering the following….

Schools and taxes:

Schools from elementary to high school have always been highly rated and have helped sustain property values too in North Kingstown.  In 2019 North Kingstown High School was rated one of the Top High Schools in the country by U.S. News & World Reports.

Buyers are attracted to both the school systems for their children as well as how the good school systems prop up property values.  It is a win-win situation.  Property taxes support the schools and the taxes are higher here than some other southern Rhode Island communities.  However, homeowners do reap the benefit ultimately when they are able to sell their home in a struggling real estate market.

Economy and home prices:

Certainly the economy and home prices have been impacted by the downturn in recent years in the housing market.  The homes on or by the waterfront (which are many) have been able to hold their value.  As the saying goes ‘they are not making any more waterfront property to build on’ and it is time to find the one you desire.  Again knowing locations are important in Wickford Village neighborhoods due to flood zone insurance that may be necessary on a home.  The Coastal Resources Management Council ensures that all homes now built or renovated must be reviewed by them, go through a stringent approval process and adhere to building codes that are constantly changing.  All is done with the integrity of the structure and the environment being of great importance.

Values of most other North Kingstown homes have come down from the highs of the early 2000’s.  However, we are seeing an upswing in North Kingstown in home values since 2015.  What is attractive about North Kingstown and its home prices is that there are homes for $180,000 to $3.4 million, so real estate accommodates many here.  Along with a strong school system this bodes well for sellers as we try to reach a more equal footing for buyers and sellers on pricing of homes and ultimate sale prices.


Going Green in North Kingstown:

North Kingstown is a recycling town with pickups around town weekly.  Also, the landfill has an amazing amount of recycling going on for the do it your self homeowners and it is all free.  There are a number of green builders building smaller high energy efficiency homes too which is a great boost to the real estate landscape.  Wind turbines for energy have begun to pop up locally and there is now a town moratorium on them as the North Kingstown planning commission tries to address all the benefits and concerns of local citizens regarding them.  It is still a fascinating green energy alternative that will progress within the town this year.


The future in North Kingstown:

Business is growing at the Quonset Business Park at the old Navy base in town.  Over 164 businesses have their office or warehouses there and employing 8800 employees.  Electric Boat is a large employer located there and adds to the job mix.  All adds to employment in this community and state.

Toray Industries has developed a huge business presence here and has an incredible green solar farm to support their green energy needs in the North Kingstown community.

Hooray, for them taking this powerful step and investment in their future in Rhode Island.

Here is a sampling of the most current homes for sale under $ 500,000 :

So besides a healthy business environment, this town offers potential buyers single family and condominium alternative living styles.  Your choices of neighborhoods are varied from in town to very rural.  Our ability is to be the realty resource for all homeowners in North Kingstown – call me Ginny Lacey Gorman, waterfront RI real estate agent in the sparkly red shoes at 401-529-7849.   Take some time to explore the routes of the town and you may want to consider moving to North Kingstown RI too.

 Consider Moving to North Kingstown RI


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