Narragansett RI Real Estate- Penguin Plunge – New Years Day Benefit

Narragansett RI Real Estate- Penguin Plunge – New Years Day Benefit


Balmy oceanfront Narragansett RI was the scene for a fantastic fundraiser for Special Olympics at Roger Wheeler State

Penguin Plunge - Narragansett RI - New Years Day 2012

RI Ocean Real Estate – New Years Day

Beach in the village of Galilee this New Year’s Day 2012.  Time of the big penguin flash for participants is Noon time.  Now I have supported and been an annual voyeur at these events year after year.  BUT today I have never seen the numbers like were on the beach and lined up trying to get into the parking lot from over a mile and a half down the road!!

It was an awesome experience …the state parking lot was full of cars, buses and limousines, no less!  I guess if you are going to freeze your kiesta off, you should go home in style!  Well my pictures show a bit of the craziness of enthusiasm for this ocean penguin plunge.

It was a mild 50 something degrees, sun was blazing and you still needed a jacket to stay warm.  Music from the podium was blasting Neil Diamond’s ‘Sweet Caroline’ to the beach crowd.  Did you see the 30 foot Penguin blow up too!

My friend Janice and her family members were doing the Penguin Plunge and we wanted to support her.  First time ocean plungers were rewarded by their sense of accomplishment and supporting a great program

Penguin Plunge - Narragansett RI

Penguin Plungers in Narragansett RI

such as Special Olympics.

Did you see the goosebumps on those crazy ocean going Rhode Islanders!  This is a big deal in Rhode Island…there had to be over 20 Penguin Plunges throughout the state from Barrington to Westerly RI.  All to raise money for great causes and charities…makes you proud of your fellow RI residents.  So next year think about making it down to a piece of Narragansett RI real estate…there are plenty of beaches to join in at for this venture!  Narragansett RI Real Estate- Penguin Plunge – New Years Day Benefit.


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