What are the Five Factors that Will Sell Your Home?

What are the Five Factors that Will Sell Your Home?


As sellers you need to understand this when you go to sell your home…be REALISTIC…it does not matter what you paid for your Rhode Island real estate home or how much you owe on the mortgage either.
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What matters is the here, now and what the RI real estate market says your home is worth.


 A good Real Estate Agent will not ask you what you want for your home…no, they will show you the comparable recently sold homes which is what the real estate market says it may be worth.  Look well at not just the price but condition and amenities in each of these comparable homes. How does your home compare?


You know those little birdies out there chirping away about how the buyers have the upper hand right now.  Well they still do in most RI areas.
Actually you, as a seller, are in control if you address each of the following points when selling your home:

1) Condition of Your Home.  How you have maintained your home?  Buyers want a house very well maintained with not many repairs needed (if any at all).  The more repairs needed in the home the fewer buyers there are to appeal to in this real estate market.  It also will take you longer to sell your home when it is not in move in condition.

2) Price of Your Home.  You think you determine price for your home don’t you.  But the market truly determines the market price for the home.  It does not matter what you paid for your home 4 years ago that has no bearing on the selling price of your home.  The selling price is based upon comparable sold homes in the last 6 months in your town.  If there are limited comparable sold properties, the bank appraiser makes the determination of what the buyer’s lender will lend on the home- a very important piece of this process.  Being willing to negotiate the price is an important part of being a true seller in this market.  If the potential listing price is less than your mortgage balance, you may need to consider a short sale.

3) Competition.  How many homes are on the market that are of similar size, style and amenities makes a difference on being able to sell quickly or slowly.

4) Mortgage Rates.  If mortgage rates are high it will take you longer to sell whereas the supply of buyers will be greater when the rates are low.  Right now mortgage rates are low.

5) Marketing.  Promoting your listing on a variety of internet sites from multiple listing service, blog posts, web site entries and many on line sites makes it visible to all.  It is crucial to have a Realtor that knows the power of the MARKETING word and online visuals for your home (Youtube, slide shows, virtual tours, aerial pictures, photos,etc.).  It will make all the difference in getting your  home sold.  State of the art aerial photography and videos are a top priority also.

It takes all of these five items to come together to place that SOLD sign in front of your home.  Be willing to negotiate and be open for discussion on all the above points to make your home sell quickly.

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What are the Five Factors that Will Sell Your Home?

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