Wickford RI Homes for Sale – all about Insurance and more

Wickford RI Homes for Sale – all about Insurance and more

When I take buyers out along the Wickford RI waterfront to view the Wickford Village RI homes for sale the inevitable question comes up about insurance.


Wickford Harbor

Being so close to the waterfront of Wickford Harbor or on the waterfront in historic Wickford, this is a reasonable question to ask a real estate agent.  And an agent better have the answers at hand for these important local questions about this community.

Since Wickford RI was established in the 17th century, majority of the homes in the epicenter are historic homes.  With that brings up the historic National Register designation of this village as well as improvements that can be made (base upon historic commission restrictions) to be able to properly insure the historic homes here.  Upgrades and rehabilitation efforts are constantly underway in the historic Wickford area.  Buyers love the feel and ambiance of these historic homes and there are many federal tax incentives that can be obtained if you are considering buying or improving a historic home.

There are a number of insurers that participate in historic home insurance programs for villages such as Wickford RI.  What is great about these companies is that they actually understand the needs of the homeowner who love and live in historic homes. In addition, the insurance companies are also suppliers of flood insurance.  One must consider, when buying or owning, not only homeowners insurance but also flood insurance when living within the flood plain limits.  New flood maps were distributed by FEMA to all towns in RI and Wickford RI also in November 2010 and some areas did change.  It is important to know this information when you are previewing homes in the Wickford RI area.  Again work with a real estate agent who knows Wickford well.

Having owned multiple historic RI homes, I can readily share insurance, flood plain and renovation information with my buyers when looking at waterfront Wickford historic homes for sale.  It may cost more to maintain a historic home than a conventional 19th or 20th century home so this needs to be considered when determining your buying needs.  But nothing can take the place of these stunning and magnificent historic homes that have stood for almost three centuries now.  They should definitely be on your shopping list in this community. Wickford RI Homes for Sale – all about Insurance and more.



Ginny Lacey Gorman is your go to agent for homes for sale in North Kingstown RI real estate and beyond…knowing the geographic area, schools, happenings, important tidbits of local information and businesses well. If you are looking for someone to guide you through the home buying or selling process, Ginny is a licensed Real Estate Agent and knows the ins and outs of historic Wickford homes.

Waterfront, oceanfront and coastal RI homes for sale are her specialty but all of RI is her backyard.  When you are in need of more information from an internet savvy marketer who sells RI houses in this real estate market, call Ginny at 401.529.7849.

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