Why do Buyers Take 5 Years to Buy RI Real Estate?

Why do Buyers Take 5 Years to Buy RI Real Estate?


Why do Buyers Take 5 Years to Buy RI Real Estate?  Call it extraordinary or call me crazy as the Buyer’s Agent that works diligently with a buyer for 5 years.  Most

RI Buyer of Rhode Island real estate in Wickford RI

It really is a thumbs up on this Wickford RI real estate!

of my fellow associates have thought I lost it- a buyer who can not buy because it was not the right RI real estate home every time. And for 5 years! What!


As a waterfront RI Real Estate Agent I know when to cajole or coax to help a Buyer see the house in the right light.  Not for the sale but because the North Kingstown home for sale is the right one for the buyer. My buyer had a specific radius of living geography she wanted.  It seemed more than difficult due to the price point we were looking at.  This walk to water and Wickford RI home for sale commanded higher prices.  But I kept at it.

Why do Buyers Take 5 Years to Buy RI Real Estate?

In fact, I could show her everything just a bit further away than where she wanted to be with no ‘ I want this house’ happening.  I tried & tried since home ownership was escaping her grasp.

But I wanted to do right by her as her buyer’s agent.  It just there was no Right Wickford Home for sale to be found for 5 long years!  It is true.

Well 2 months ago a Wickford RI home for sale came on the market that was ‘it’ and I called her right up.

Finding Wickford RI real estate

Why do Buyers Take 5 Years to Buy RI Real Estate?


It is in your price range (a bit higher) and is where you want to live I said.  It took some pushing to get her there (do you trust me or not I said!).  This Wickford home I think is the ONE.  Very quietly she toured the grounds, garage, well maintained home & realized it did need some updating but she liked it.  In fact, she liked it a lot!  We looked at it 3 times before the offer was made.


See this North Kingstown Real Estate Agent suggested to her how we would negotiate something she was concerned about.  Trust me on this one I said. So today on Halloween this was the Treat surprise for this buyer as she bought her home.  This buyer got all she wanted in her home.   In fact there was champagne to be toasted at this closing for all!   Would I have liked this client to buy sooner? Sure but I am so thrilled for her because home ownership is hers now.  It is a beautiful thing!!  Why do Buyers Take 5 Years to Buy RI Real Estate?


Ginny Lacey Gorman is your go to waterfront North Kingstown agent for real estate in North Kingstown RI and beyond…knowing the geographic area, schools, happenings and important tidbits of local information.  Email her at RiByTheBay@gmail.com or call Ginny at 401.529.7849 to make an appointment to find the home of your dreams too!



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    Wow Ginny.. I don’t think I have had anyone for quiet that long, but I did have a client for almost two years.. and then poof.. everything fell into place and they bought the perfect home for their situation. Sometimes all the factors of a home purchase take a little longer! Congrats on the sale…