What do Plumbers do Best?

What do plumbers do best?


Well I can tell you that in Southern RI they take care of their agents problems


Plumbers plumb

What do RI Plumbers do best?


with clients’ homes in a snap without the crackle and pop.  They fix the pipe that bursts on a cold night or a New Year’s Eve catastrophe of no heat in the house – I know you are wondering what plumber comes out on New Year’s Eve?  Hmmph, if I tell you I’ll probably lose him to all the local RI real estate homeowners who can’t find a plumber to show up half the time!


Personally, as a North Kingstown real estate agent, I have been lucky to find and recommend my plumber, Adam Perry of Perry’s Heating and Plumbing, for all sorts of jobs.  But besides being a good plumber he answers his cell phone when I call him.  Now that is different for a plumber wouldn’t you say?


  If he can’t make it because of a testy squirrel problem in the hot water tank (believe it, it just happened), he will make it later that day or the next.  He prioritizes the emergencies and responds.  Whether it’s a heating system, toilet overflowing, pipe burst, etc., he will take care of it and always with a smile.


Like he did on New Year’s Eve when a house had no heat and the homeowner did not know what to do so they called Ginny…help me Ginny!  My trusty plumber Adam actually picked up his phone at 6 p.m. that evening when I called him and he was at the client’s house within the hour.  Luckily he had the needed part for the furnace in his truck so the homeowner had heat that night.  I tell my clients his service is great and so is the service he gives me as another professional.  Now I am not going to tell you he is reasonable because listen he is a plumber, you will pay well for his services.


So if you are in need of a plumber I guess I have to give my plumber guy up! What do plumbers do best?



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  1. Michelle Gibson says

    Ginny – I wish I had a plumber like Adam that I could count on. Good plumbers are hard to fine.