Water Puddle to Play in North Kingstown RI Way

Water Puddle to Play in North Kingstown RI Way


So it is not really a puddle in the water sense but it is in the newsletter sense…North Kingstown’s department of Water Supply

RI Water is precious in RI real estate

Appreciating the water on Narragansett Bay

publishes ‘the Puddle‘ periodically with great information in managing our precious town water supply.

Everyone thinks of water as an unending supply but low and behold it is not.  We need to conserve and reduce our usage (kind of like oil?!) for future generations.  There are great  tips to be learned and utilized for all North Kingstown residents as well as in other communities also.
The tip of the month that they share with all is diverting rooftop water runoff away from pavement or driveways.

In Rhode Island, an average roof, over a years time, will have rain runoff that would fill 500 bath tubs.  So why waste the water in non-essential areas like a driveway?!


Instead, they suggest consider three ways for better water usage in RI real estate:

1) Use downspout extenders to direct the water flow to landscaped areas.
2) Buy a rain barrel and direct the downspout water into it from the downspout.
3) Consider establishing a rain garden that will benefit from this downspout water runoff.
What is the biggest water waster in Rhode Island homes and real estate?  the Toilet.  Silent leaks with faulty flapper valves can waste hundreds of gallons a week!  Wow!  To test if this is happening in your home, any North Kingstown resident can stop by the Water department’s office and pick up a free dye test kit.  So get to it and help save the bay and our RI water especially around Wickford Village.
Do You Have a Puddle? Keeping North Kingstown RI Homeowners Informed on Water….it is about RI Living!
Keep it up Puddle– your tips are worth sharing.  It is about the Water in RI.
   Water Puddle to Play in North Kingstown RI Way.
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