Toray Plastic America’s Solar Power Initiative in North Kingstown RI

Toray Plastic America’s Solar Power Initiative in

North Kingstown RI


This international company which has an 70 acre complex in North Kingstown RI and is the corporate headquarters for the company is the

Toray in North Kingstown RI

Utilizing the sun with Toray in North Kingstown RI

largest user of electricity in Rhode Island.  Besides being a contributing and large employer in North Kingstown, Toray has been working hard at utilizing alternative means to generate electricity to reduce their electric manufacturing costs.


They have finished a $2 million solar project which encompasses a 445 Kilowatt solar photovoltaic field

that takes up 3 acres with 1650 solar panels on their business campus in North Kingstown.  Quite a sight to see and imagine the potential.  Toray Plastics is making the concerted effort to reduce their energy expense.  Even with this expansive solar project it will make a small dent in the amount of electricity they use but they feel it is a great start.


This North Kingstown RI business solar project was funded by Toray, grants and loans from the RI Economic Development Corporation’s renewable energy fund and state and federal grants.  It is an exciting renewable energy project for RI.


Toray Plastics is a leading manufacturer of polyester, polypropylene, and bio-based films for flexible and rigid packaging, lidding, graphic, industrial,optical and electronic applications (i.e. liners in your potato chip bags).  It is a big manufacturing business that has grown 1000% over its last 20 years.  All the more power to how they are harvesting the sun for their production lines.


It is important to recognize and salute good RI manufacturing industry that brings jobs, employment potential and creative industry to RI.  So next time you eat a twinkies or a bag of Lays potato chips think long and hard about that packaging and you can probably guess Toray is the source!


Toray Plastic America’s Solar Power Initiative in North Kingstown RI.


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    Wow Ginny, this is impressive! I salute their idea of utilizing solar energy t generate electricity. You’re right about saying that manufacturing company, like Toray’s Plastics should be recognized in the society for initiatives that promote environment-friendly solutions. This is really commendable! And as to you, our favorite North Kingston Short Sale agent who always brings us the most relevant developmental news through blogging them, I salute you too!

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