Surfs up at Stinky Beach – Narragansett RI Shores!


Surfs up at Stin

ky Beach – Narragansett RI Shores!

Narragansett RI Beaches

No stink here! Narragansett RI

Surfs up at Stinky Beach – Narragansett RI Shores!  Let’s go to stinky beach today.  That was the call of the wild when we were in college and wanted a private Narragansett RI beach without the tourists where we could roam with our boyfriends and sun without being bothered by city men (believe it!).


Unfortunately, the name ‘stinky beach‘ was a local term because of the way the coastline formed a boomerang shape and the ocean seaweed seemed to end up here…yes, on many a day a smattering of red, yellow, orange and green seaweed would be awash on this pristine white sand beach.  It is a misnomer of a beach name for sure.  This is pure oceanfront that represents RI real estate in its fullest.


Just north of Narragansett’s Scarborough state beach, we could park on the side streets for hours and just have peace of mind and lazy day fun after cocktail serving to the wee hours of the night before.  Relaxation was the order of the day…miss those days of carefree Narragansett RI shore times.


What better time after showings down Ocean Road in Narragansett to revisit a favorite place and time and reminisce with camera in hand of a still perfect place.


South of Black Point nature reserve, ‘stinky beach‘ remains beautiful without much seaweed probably due to the change of tides and coastline that has happened after years of storms.  It remains pristine and it was cool to see a young couple enjoying the sand and surf on this day.


If you want to visit ‘stinky beach‘ you probably should give me a call at 401.529.7849…knowing the beaches of South County and especially in Narragansett is one of my strong points.


Surfs up at Stinky Beach – Narragansett RI Shores!


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