Summer Heat – Rhode Island Real Estate – 14 Hot Tips

Summer Heat – Rhode Island Real Estate – 14 Hot Tips


Our energy provider National Grid in RI always offers great tips and good service when the heat and humidity is coming off the ocean

Green Summer Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

Hot Days are almost here in Rhode Island Real Estate

or Narragansett Bay.  I am recapping some of their hot tips for a greener summer.

 Learn to listen to your body’s needs in this warm weather, use energy conservatively and be energy efficient in your use in your home and office, as follows:

1.  Take a cool shower

2. Wear lighter clothing

3. Open windows to let the breeze flow in

4. Drink a cool non-alcoholic beverage

5. Limit your exercise regimen

6. Let the cool night air in

7. Close windows and shades during the day

8. Use fans to keep the air flowing

9. Enjoy cold meals

10. Avoid adding heat from the stove/oven to any room

11. Install a low flow showerhead

12. Wash your clothes in cold water

13. Use a clothes line to dry your clothing

14. Lower the temperature on your hot water heater


So is your body and mind listening to these 14 hot tips for the summer season?  I know you can think of many more to add to this list and share with all here…my favorite has to be using the clothes line which brings back memories of being with my grandmother as she did the laundry.


Think Green, act smart and be kind to yourself and the environment this year.  Make a plan and stick to it.  Summer Heat – Rhode Island Real Estate – 14 Hot Tips.


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  1. HR News says

    These sure are some great strategies on how to survive the summer heat. Thank you!

  2. Mile High Real Estate says

    Thanks for this post. These tips that you’ve shared will be quite helpful for everybody during these hot summer times. Perhaps it’s also a great idea to use the AC in your room if you’re sleeping during the daytime to prevent skin rashes caused by the heat.