Rhode Island Short Sales – Short Sales in RI

Rhode Island Short Sales – Short Sales in RI


I have been doing short sales for a number of years (since 2007) and they are

Rhode Island Short Sales - Short Sales in RI

Rhode Island short sale agents

not getting easier to complete.  The Banks have turned over their staffs and new employees take their place unfamiliar and not experienced in their own processing.  Rhode Island short sales are not going away soon.  Why?  Because Banks will not modify loans in the majority of cases.  And what is a home seller to do?  Foreclosure is not a good option for any seller.


Meeting with short sale sellers today, I know how embarrassed they are after working hard for so many years.  The wife says I do not understand how this happened to us…we were doing so well a couple of years ago and then life went downhill.  It was not one incident but many that took its toll on this family in Rhode Island real estate.  This family is not unique, there are more people I meet with weekly in similar financial circumstances.


RI short sales

Waive that deficiency!

The important part of this short sale  blog post is to understand there are other options for YOU.


I want to energize Rhode Island homeowners who are stuck in their difficult financial situation.


There is responsible short sale help out there.   Call me  your North Kingstown short sale agent for guidance.    Rhode Island short sales do not work if you do not do one!!  Becoming months and months behind in your federal taxes, mortgage payments and other bills and doing nothing is the Wrong action.  It is why I continue to write these blogs.  There are knowledgeable RI short sale agents and real estate attorneys for struggling homeowners in RI.  Call me for direction at 401.529.7849.


The best thing you can do is recognize that a short sale of your house is a better alternative for you than foreclosure.  Do not wait months to proceed.


There are advantages and disadvantages to any process, but a short sale usually allows you to rebuild your credit quicker and move on with your life.  Rhode Island short sales continue to remain a part of our economic landscape.  Rhode Island Short Sales – Short Sales in RI.


As North Kingstown short sale agents, Ginny Lacey Gorman and her legal team helps clients navigate successfully the rough short sale waters throughout RI, contact Ginny if you are having trouble paying your mortgage and to set up a confidential interview.  When you are in need of an internet savvy RI Real Estate Agent who sells homes in this Rhode Island real estate marketcall Ginny Gorman today at 401.529.7849.



  1. Robert @ Pennsylvania says

    Hi Ginny,

    Well explained about short sale. Short sale is a win-win for buyer, seller and lender(s).
    If I got any clients move to RI or need a short sale help in RI, I will send a lead to your way.

    Robert D. McGowan