RE- North Kingstown RI Store -Renew|Reuse|Redesign

RE-  North Kingstown RI Store- Renew|Reuse|Redesign


When two partners have that as the tag line for their antique and home furnishing store outside of Wickford Village, it is the carrot to draw

Wickford RI Furnishing Store

Heidi & Kate – RE

you in.  As they say, seeing is believing and this unique store balances exquisite furnishings with the newness of items of today.  Don’t think cobwebs and dust- this store will enthrall your senses with its offerings.


Heidi Stevens and Kate Frate are the two owners who created this brainchild of a

Wickford RI high end store

RE- Furnishings for every Palate

store three years ago.  Located well and with high visibility at 7512 Post Road, North Kingstown –  RE is a great addition to the Wickford area.  One of the owners,Heidi, several years ago ran a cool consignment store from furnishings to jewelry which I spent a lot of money in across the street from the new store!  Such deals to be had and it does impact RI real estate.


Now Heidi and Kate do the store front a bit differently with this higher end old and new furnishing store.  They do not consign items, all the antiques and unique items that populate their 3000 square foot store are bought by them from estates to single items and re-sold here.


North Kingstown RI antique chest of drawers

Tiger Maple antique chest of drawers- stunning

RE has incredible furniture, rugs, lighting, jewelry,art work, china, glassware, collectibles, silver, garden and outdoor items to tickle your fancy.  It is truly the harmony of old and new in North Kingstown RI and it awaits your visit.


Unique finds are the order of the dayand I was quite taken in by the amazing duel

RE the North Kingstown RI store

Peacocks in Stained Glass at RE-North Kingstown RI

peacock stained glass panel that sits above their front store counter and is easily 10 feet long!   They grow their business by word of mouth and past clients which is a salute to them.  A store with quality and well priced eclectic and many one of a kind items they have been doing very well in this economy. It says a lot about their great business sense and spot on taste for what the consumer wants to buy.   Believe me there is something here for every palate of home furnishing tastes.


Customer service is key to their business and they succeed outstandingly…from personal shopping for clients to in home design consultation, Kate and Heidi provide the full array of RE services.


Open 7 days a week call RE at 401.667.5996 for more information but remember to come by and establish your wish list soon. RE is the store that is more than your usual store…RE-  North Kingstown RI Store- Renew|Reuse|Redesign.


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  1. cari williamson says

    Hi Heidi and Kate –
    I may have heard back from you – but have a very sensitive filter – Could you please re-send your email so I can send you some photos? Thanks so much!

    (met you both at auction in CT)

    Cari Williamson

    • ginny says

      Cari, this is not Heidi & kate’s web site…you will need to reach out to them by phone to contact them…sorry i just did a blog on their store months ago. thanks ginny gorman