Pink Chair Consignments Shop – North Kingstown RI – Be in the Pink

Pink Chair Consignments Shop – North Kingstown RI – Be in the Pink

UPDATE: Store Closed as of February 2016


Don’t you just love the name of this store- Pink Chair Consignments?!  And to top it off the pink color outside

Pink Chair Consignments Shop-North Kingstown RI

Pink Chair Consignments Shop-North Kingstown RI

grabs your attention if you are on Post Road just outside of Wickford Village in RI coastal real estate driving by believe me.  Slam on the brakes now!

New to the town’s business area, Megan Grandmaison and Denise Titterington (daughter and mom, the owners) took a big leap when they opened this wonderful consignment shop last November.  It is  6300 square feet of space that is now nearly full of furnishings, home accents, art work, jewelry, glassware and more.  

Both Megan and Denise wanted to share with me that their store contains a variety of buyable items from antiques to collectibles to just plain usable finds.  The range of prices is all over the place which appeals to all pocketbooks.
It is a shopper friendly store which when even when I walked into it they both were diligently polishing furniture and moving couches around.  This is the kind of business owners you want to support – shop local and help everyone who is also consigning with them.  Enjoy the well lit, clean and nicely organized layout of the store…oh yes, plan to spend some time here because you will have to retrace your steps a few times to ensure you didn’t miss anything!
Call Pink Chair Consignments at :  401.295.7700

Pink Chair Consignments Shop - North Kingstown RI

Pink Chair Consignments Shop – North Kingstown RI – Be in the Pink

I stopped in the store the other day to see how much the store had changed since I was in there a couple of months ago and it does have that ‘wow’ factor now because of the great finds they have for sale in there.

Turnover of furnishings is evident as people pull up in their trucks to take the furniture out they just bought.  Hmm, I had to get on the phone and tell 2 friends about some of the home accessories in there they were looking for.

Me, well I just happened to find 4 Nate Burkus linen curtain panels that were never used and I had to snap them up!  My find for the day.  Oh I am sure this Pink Chair Consignment Store can become addictive for any shopper.

Go to their Facebook Fan Page at Pink Chair Consignments and/or find them at 7511 Post Road North Kingstown RI across from RE another amazing store to check out.  If you want to reach Megan and Denise at the store, please call 401.295.7700 or to make an appointment to consign items since this dynamic duo are always looking for great items.
This is a public service blog post shared by North Kingstown Rhode Island agent,Ginny Lacey Gorman, of RI real estate.
Pink Chair Consignments Shop – North Kingstown RI – Be in the Pink.
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  1. Gloria Hill says

    Hi. I am new in the area and recently downsized from a house of three floors to one. I have a lot of very nice furnishings I am interested in selling and also have an Ethan Allen dining room set with a hutch and six chairs. What is the procedure to become a consignee in North Kingstown?

    • says

      I will send you a message…this is a favored shop in North Kingstown and I am sure they can help you out, Gloria!

  2. says

    Ginny: a pink chair consignment shop? next you will feature a red show consignment shop? Happy Valentine’s Day! May you get many calls from love birds that want to buy homes in RI.