North Pole or North Kingstown RI?

North Pole or North Kingstown RI?

Well with a snow run streak in Rhode Island these last few weeks it is feeling like the North Pole.

It definitely does not feel like my homey North Kingstown RI enclave for living or working in real estate.  Not pouting or complaining but I could do that at this point…it’s New England and we have been spared many a brutal winter in prior years just not this year.

We are coming upon the anniversary of the Blizzard of 1978
soon and many people didn’t make it home for days.  So yes, it is feeling like the North Pole a bit now.

Snow Pile

North Pole or North Kingstown RI?

Couldn’t help but take a picture of this snow mound that I can’t see around which is a problem for us who drive and don’t snowshoe to work.  Just like everywhere else there is no where to put the enormous amount of snow we have been handed from above!  It use to be that the RI waterfront was the dumping grounds for this white stuff.  No longer… the scientists discovered the pollutants from the roads transferred to the snow and were having a negative impact on the ecosystem of Narragansett Bay as well as the Atlantic Ocean.  So the RI waterfront is out for snow dumping.  Now it’s piled wherever and I suppose it’s not okay to let kids play in it either if it’s that unhealthy.

I am thinking of a warm location to visit soon…oh wait, another large snow storm is on its way here for tonight…I think the North Pole is better than here right now…what do you think?


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  1. Brian West says

    That’s some crazy stuff! Last time I saw snow like that was in Chicago years ago. I can’t say I miss it but I wouldn’t complain if I were to get a few days of moderate snow a year 🙂 Not likely here in AZ though
    Take care!

  2. Karen Fiddler says

    North Kensington does look like the North Pole in the picture. It’s beautiful here in So Cal. 🙂 But I imagine a waterfront home is lovely in the snow.

  3. Susan Haughton says

    Waterfront property AND snow? Love them both and would love to be up there about now! There are some beautiful properties in RI, that’s for sure.