No Sitting Ducks Here!

No sitting ducks here


No, momma made sure she sheltered, protected and guided her ducklings along the pond’s edge when IDuck Troop appeared.  It is the advent of spring that brings this geese pair back to the same spot and pond every year for at least the last 6 years in North Kingstown RI real estate.  Every year the ducklings hatch in the same location protected by the two parents.

  They stay very close to the road here which always worries me with the driving fanatics on this road. They nestle and sleep in the higher grass there where no one bothers them but me.  It is that picture moment that makes you stop the car and say this time I will capture them in their purest setting.  It is what as a kid I took all to often for granted…to be able to enjoy true, unspoiled moments of nature in one’s day travels.


Actually I have been coming back every day to watch them for a week now and this is the first time the momma and poppa let me get somewhat near to see their ducklings.  How right and instinctive to be so protective of one’s offspring. It is the gift all of us are given as we become parents: to protect, guide and cherish the new entries in to our crazy world.  For without shielding and mothering of some kind, how does one expect all creatures to thrive well on earth.


Aah, perhaps you are picking up the essence of the post for there are no sitting ducks here – the geese understand that being proactive is the best protection.  I am actually thinking of the motherly instincts most of us enjoyed as we head towards Mother’s Day.  The good life gifts received that we truly appreciate as we get older and wiser and have children of our own.  I am fortunate to still have a healthy mother who is an amazing and with it woman.


  Always be sure you are no sitting duck for anyone she would say…never truly understood what she meant and would roll my eyes as the ‘preaching’ began.  Only meant to inspire me to be self reliant and seek truth.  So here is to ducklings that they may flourish well in their world and ours because their mom has done all she can to give them the start in life they need.  As my mom gave to me.  No sitting ducks here!


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  1. Barbara Todaro says

    Hi Ginny….it reminds me of how listing agents protect their sellers….nice photo and good luck with your ActiveRain challenge. I need to start thinking quickly about this one.