No I’m not the Listing Agent- Why are You Calling ME??

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No, I’m not the listing agent- why are you calling me??


Have you had that conversation recently with another agent who calls you to see a listing that you have in agreement and you represent the buyer!  It is so bizarre…I hadn’t looked at the listing to see if the listing broker had put it into pending yet.


We just got the signed Purchase & Sales back from the bank today ( one day turnaround on a REO– how do you like that one!).  So I check our RI MLS system and yes, it has me as the buyer’s agent and the listing agent as it should be as THE other Broker.


I listened to my voice mail again, feel sorry for this poor guy listening to him moan from the phone that his buyer really wants the house… how they waited too long to look at it and on and on it went.  He didn’t even come up for air!  Well the right thing to do is call him back which I did in this RI real estate transaction.  Yes, most agents would have blown him off as another stressed out Real Estate Agent who shouldn’t be in the business if he can’t even read a MLS sheet correctly, right?!


Oh, and so the conversation on this return phone call went….Thank you Virginia for calling me back and on about calling on the lockbox code, missed the house because it was priced slightly higher than my buyer’s price range was, really wants the house- should have stopped him there…and I tried… really I did…Gary, I am not the listing agent- did you listen to my voice mail I left you?  We just got the P & S back from the bank today, it is good to go unless the inspections show something we are not expecting, call the LISTING broker back by Friday and see.  Or just watch the MLS system for the property and it will go active again.  But it looks pretty solid, I said- great buy for a waterfront home and we grabbed it.


Thanks again Virginia, you’ll let me know if it falls through for the buyer – do you have any more in this price range that are coming on the market?….oh, it’s 7:15 p.m. and it has been a long day ( I haven’t even had time to think about my blog post for tomorrow- I became inspired right here)…sure I’ll let you know.  He really shouldn’t be in real estate.  But I just got my blog post for tomorrow.  Now how was your day??


No I’m not the Listing Agent- Why are You Calling ME??


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  1. Renee Burrows says

    I like to hear that my city isn’t the only place in the world where other agents cannot read an MLS sheet 🙂