Musings from the RI Real Estate Agent in the Sparkly Red Shoes

Musings from the RI Real Estate Agent in the Sparkly Red Shoes


As the saying goes sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words and I have to share this great sketch

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picture that my New York friend Ellen Caruso did for me for my waterfront RI real estate business.  See I do coin myself the RI real estate agent in the sparkly red shoes…did that many years ago when I was coming up with a tag line for my business networking 30 second elevator speech.  Having a passion for the RI real estate business is what keeps me focused, on target for my clients and successfully working in Rhode Island property sales for a number of years.


Ellen sketches home ideas that she calls ‘Whale Tales‘ and uses that as part of her business plan.  She did this one specifically for me awhile ago with the ruby red shoes and ‘Glenda’s wand’ in a walk in closet!  I loved it and she just sent the picture to me to have as a keepsake.  The RI real estate agent in the sparkly red shoes!   I have printed it and framed it for my wall and desk and will treasure it always.  It is amazing to have friends in real estate that share so well…

Cultivating associates throughout the country from real estate brokers, home stagers and decorators, home inspectors, mortgage professionals, etc. is a necessary ingredient for a good RI coastal real estate agent.  Having great resources to draw upon for your home buyers and/or sellers from out of area works for all of us.  My extended network by having these ‘ruby red shoes’ on me, allows me to refer clients far and wide as they travel and buy property in other states and countries too.

So I share it with you today and hope you get a smile from it…because just like Dorothy of Oz, I do believe that there is no place like home!  There is nothing like coming back to the home of your dreams.


Musings from the RI real estate agent in the Sparkly Red Shoes.


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