Hurricane Season – Rhode Island Real Estate -Preparedness

Hurricane Season – Rhode Island Real Estate -Preparedness


It is June and believe it or not hurricane season is upon us.  Last year in Rhode Island real estate we got ‘whacked’ so to speak by

Coastal RI areas are the hardest hit be the Hurricanes

Coastal RI in a Hurricane

tropical storm Irene.  The only fortunate remembrance (phew!) of that storm was its downgrade from a hurricane to a tropical storm since even then it caused a huge amount of damage at the tropical storm level to our shore property.  Can not even imagine what it would have been like as a full hurricane hitting our coastline.


 Remembering last year reminds me to share a list that NOAA puts out for hurricane season preparation and what to be mindful of:

– Storm surge and Tide Levels
– High winds
– Heavy Rainfall and Flooding
– Rip currents
– Tornadoes


Since Rhode Island has over 400 miles of coastline, the storm surge and tide (depending upon the moon tide) and heavy winds will do the most damage here. Storm surges can be as much as 20 feet in height and are primarily caused by the storm winds.  Loss of coastline was definitely evident after Tropical storm Irene here in 2011.


We have all heard about the Hurricane of 1938 that wiped out many homes and lives along the New England coastal areas due to lack of storm preparedness and communication.  Needless to say that knowing your flood zones and the rise in water levels in your flood zone will empower you to known about evacuation procedures in your area.

According to, North Kingstown’s newest flood maps are already in place and are available on the flood ‘firms’ whereas Narragansett’s flood maps are still under review.

Staying abreast of changes is important as a Rhode Island real estate buyer.  Information on how your geographical real estate area will do in a hurricane season needs to be considered and a household plan of action needs to be in place.


A packed bag in hand with essential documents should already be in place.  I can say that last year taught me to be very well prepared as a coastline owner and I am ready to go for any future events (which we hope are non-events).

Realize that we have rarely had a tornado to deal with here but the other hurricane season effects may be felt.  This is not the Louisiana coastline for sure and many areas of Rhode Island’s coastline are above sea level however, many areas are not.  And that is why you have flood insurance and maintain it in flood plains.

Enjoy the summer but be mindful of the coming season too.  If you are ready to find your home in Rhode Island, I would love to help you.  Call a responsible Rhode Island real estate agent at 401.529.7849 or email me, Ginny Gorman, at to schedule an appointment.
  Hurricane Season – Rhode Island Real Estate -Preparedness. 
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