Google Maps – Embed a Picture on Your Map – Part II

Google Maps – Embed a Picture on Your Map – Part II



Daytime view of Narragansett Beach

Narragansett Beach – Narragansett RI

First, sign in to your google maps account in gmail ( if you don’t have a gmail account, you need to open one up).  Type in the location you are writing a post about in the Google Maps search box and hit the ‘search’ button.  This will bring you to the location you are writing about.  In this example, I am writing about Narragansett Beach in Narragansett RI.

Next log in to ‘my maps’ account to open your maps.  If you have not done any maps you will be Creating a map and adding a Title and description and put your privacy setting urls as ‘public’ so you can share your creation with the world.  Here you see I have written about Narragansett Beach. Next you click on the ‘placement marker- the little blue balloon’ and bring it to the exact location for the address of whatever you are doing the map for (restaurant, house, point of interest, etc.).

Place the ‘placement marker’ at the address location. Then click on the location you want and a window balloon opens up…what?  You say it looks like what you could enter the same verbiage as what you did on the map description on the left side of the screen…well just fill it out again with other information,title and description for the venue. You can come up with something to write about here.

Then within the ‘balloon’ click on the ‘picture’ icon.  It is the last icon on the right(within the balloon), click on it.  Next go get the url for your picture that you are using here and enter it (usually upload my pictures from Flckr and take the url from there to put here).  Make sure you save it next. Next, on the left of the map click save and then done. You are done.  Go back and check to make sure it is there and wow doesn’t it add to your Google Map presence.

This is a picture of Narragansett Beach in Narragansett, RI just right after dusk at high tide that I put in Part I of a prior post.  I could not help but take the picture and share on my Google Map…What better place to share with everyone then on Google Maps.  Give it a try today.  Google Maps – Embed a Picture on Your Map.


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