Do you Know What You Missed Yesterday – 9/15/11?

Do you Know What You Missed Yesterday – 9/15/11?


  Is it on your calendar and ignored or are you running to the post office this morning (yes, it really is a snail mail thing)?

Pay the Tax man

Pay the Tax Man

 If you are a self employed or an individual contractor (like this North Kingstown agent is), you missed your quarterly IRS and your state payment for your estimated quarterly tax payment that the federal and state government is yearning for you to deliver for 2011.

Oh, you did forget!..Well it is never too late to keep your appointment with the tax man…why wait and give the ‘HIMs’ the 18% in interest they certainly should not have out of your hard earned pay.  I talk with business owners all the time, like myself, who do not put at least the 20% aside (15% for Federal taxes and 5% for State taxes) for the past quarter of monies earned.  They pay the interest at the end and sigh and they may even pay the additional penalties levied.


This is your high alert reminder to get it together, plan ahead and make the next quarterly tax payment on December 15, 2011 one to be prepared for.  I am usually presenting my real estate listings, fundraisers, short sales, success for my clients here but today this one is for YOU.  Please take time to get your financial home in order and send your quarterly tax payment in.

Do you Know What You Missed Yesterday  – 9/15/11?



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    Excellent post and tips for your consumers Ginny! It just shows how dedicated you are and knowledgeable as North Kingstown Short Sale Agents. Buyers and sellers would be well served to work with you!

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