Charlestown RI Real Estate Market Update

 Charlestown RI Real Estate Market Update

Charlestown RI Real Estate Stats

Waterfront Charlestown RI Real Estate


Charlestown RI Real Estate Market Update for September 2012.  A beautiful coastal Charlestown RI fall is here and the town is enjoying the quietness of times as vacationers have left.  Homeowners are still enjoying the wonderful ocean front Charlestown RI real estate vistas and beaches.  This is a smart time to be searching especially for luxury and waterfront Charlestown RI real estate.

The updated Charlestown Rhode Island real estate market information for the month is as follows:

14 Charlestown RI homes have been sold in September 2012

Charlestown RI real estate market homes for sale in real estate

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 1 waterfront luxury home sold for $4 million

      3 homes sold for over $400,000

        1 home sold between$300,000- $400,000

         9 homes sold less than $300,000

There were 105 Charlestown RI homes for sale in September.

Again this month the strongest Charlestown home sale market is under $300,000.  Not only is it the location but the reasonable real estate taxes for this community that is appealing.

Charlestown RI Real Estate Market Update


Average Home Sale Price in September 2012 was $588,850, homes sold for 94% of list price  and on the market for 130 days.  


Median Home Sale Price in September 2012 was $378,250, homes sold were 93% of list price and on the market for 119 days.  Homes sold this month took nearly 3 times as long to close than the prior month. BUT…


****** Homes sales are up 27 % over last year same time period which is uplifting news for home sellers in Charlestown ******

The numbers of Charlestown RI homes for sale, price range of homes sold and real estate market trends month to month (such as at  Quonnie) are shared here.  There are many great waterfront RI real estate locales to view and explore.

Charlestown RI continues to have a reasonable supply of home inventory with 8 months available for lucky buyers.  Yet the oceanfront and ocean view Charlestown RI homes for sale were of great interest for buyers this month.  Over 18% of the Charlestown homes for sale are $1 million and over.


There were 2 Charlestown short sales that closed this past month.


24 Charlestown RI pending home sales await closing in September. Four of the pending homes are luxury waterfront Charlestown RI real estate over $1 million.  Pending sales are way up by 41% awaiting closing.


Come see and explore the uniqueness of this coastal RI town.  The reasonable real estate taxes and stunning waterfront make this waterfront RI Real Estate location a treat for buyers. 


If you are ready to find the right Charlestown neighborhood and home for salecontact a waterfront RI real estate agent.  I’d love the opportunity to help.  Phone me today at (401) 529-7849, or email me at


 Charlestown RI Real Estate Market Update


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