Charlestown RI 02813 Real Estate Market Statistics

The Charlestown RI 02813 Real Estate Market Statistics are as follows:

         6 Charlestown RI homes sold, the breakdown is:
1 home sold for $2.7 million (waterfront home)
1 home sold for over $400,000
2 homes sold for $300,000-$400,000
2 homes sold for under $300,000
In February 2011 there were 85 Charlestown homes for sale which is 4 fewer homes on the market over January 2011 homes.  The Charlestown RI real estate homes for sale has decreased slightly (4%). 

Choices of Charlestown waterfront and ocean front homes for sale are there for the buyers who have their pre-approvals in hand or cash in hand.  The age old question is: have you seen your mortgage lender lately?  It is important to have that pre-approval letter in hand when you are searching for a home to show you can make an offer right then and there!

Charlestown RI homes 02813 sold for February 2011 were down by only 1 home sold.   Charlestown home sales are usually steady because it is a strategically placed waterfront community to live or vacation in, magnificent waterfront homes with ocean front living.  It is a not to distant a ride from New York or Connecticut for residents from those states to discover the joys of this ocean front community.  Charlestown is a small community that has the privacy and beaches for its nearly 8000 residents.  It is interesting to learn that of the 59 square miles it has to its name, Charlestown has 22.5 square miles within its boundaries that is water!

There are 11 homes in pending status in Charlestown RI this past month which is equal to last month’s pendings.  Home sales and pendings remain steady for this time of year.   In Rhode Island, and especially Charlestown, buyers are looking for that ‘great’ deal of a home in the right neighborhood but more importantly looking for waterfront and ocean front homes.  Charlestown RI Real Estate Market Stats – February 2011.


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