Anawan Cliffs – Narragansett Waterfront Community

Anawan Cliffs Neighborhod in Narragansett

Anawan Cliffs is an exclusive waterfront and luxury home neighborhood in northern Narragansett RI real estate.  Now talk about breathtaking views from waterfront homes and this is the neighborhood that exemplifies it…from viewing Beavertail Lighthouse across Narragansett Bay on the island of Jamestown to the Atlantic Ocean opening to this wonderful bay… it is truly unique.

Anawan Cliffs Narragansett Real estate

Anawan Cliffs view in Narragansett Real Estate

Although it is a gated waterfront Narragansett community at one time, the gates just remain as a truly symbolic gesture of years ago.  Established from farmland that was bought by a group of people in the 1940’s to make a private neighborhood and that is what they did.  Of the 56 lots that were original to this waterfront community only 2 remain and owned by the Anawan Cliffs Association.

There are 4 streets within this lovely waterfront mecca neighborhood:  Anawan Drive, South Cliff Drive, North Cliff Drive

Anawan Cliffs in Narragansett real estate

and Cliff Drive.  There are 2 private beaches along Narragansett coast line that homeowners can enjoy and a boat launch as well.
Interestingly enough the name Anawan Cliffs is a named derived from the Indian name meaning blackbird.  I am not sure whether it had anything to do with the Narragansett Indians that inhabited part of southern Rhode Island but it is a strong possibility.  It was the named chosen for this neighborhood….true origins unknown.

One will find CEO’s as well as senior officers of major corporations living in this waterfront Narragansett community.

Many of their houses have been torn down and rebuilt more than a couple of times I might add.  When you see the water view from this vantage point you understand the real price of Narragansett waterfront real estate.  Newport and Jamestown bridge views are possible here too…so much water and sun rise horizons to see and enjoy.

Waterfront and water view homes in Anawan Cliffs range in the $1 million and up category are to be found for sale.  Some older bungalow type homes still exist here and one is always on the look out for one of these homes to venture onto the market.

The latest Anawan Cliff homes for sale in Narragansett right here:


If this is an area you may want to explore, please call me and I will be happy to guide you through this Narragansett waterfront neighborhood along Narragansett Bay.  A couple of miles from Narragansett Beach or the Jamestown bridge, it offers a unique waterfront neighborhood to its inhabitants.  Explore it with me.  Anawan Cliffs- Narragansett Waterfront Community.

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