A Family’s Need in North Kingstown RI – In Every Town

A Family’s Need in North Kingstown RI – In Every Town


  We all become very aware at this season of giving that many of us are blessed with a home to live in and can pay our

Familys Needs in all RI towns

Give from Your Heart this Season

bills even with the tough times in all our professions.  Most of us RI Real Estate Agents are tough as well as soft hearted to realize and see so many who are not making ends meet…whether it is through contacts with clients, through our place of worship or just in our acquaintances locally.


 It is a time to reach out everywhere to our social services department in all our towns to see how we can make a kids Christmas brighter and happier.  We have the Holiday Giving Program in North Kingstown that makes a difference.


Through our Holiday Giving Program at the Beechwood Human Services and Senior Center families in need have placed their names for their children for the holiday season.  Stephen DiNobile is the kind gentleman coordinating the program in North Kingstown RI at 44 Beach Street.  You can reach him at 401.268.1579 between 9 a.m- 4 pm.   There is not much time left to meet their Friday, December 16th deadline for gift gathering for these families so please take a few minutes to see what you can do.


The Beechwood Human Services Center works hand in hand with the North Kingtown Food Pantry that we do our annual Yard Sale in the spring for to raise much needed money for helping families along.


I ran down today to see how many families with kids that the Holiday Giving Program had remaining in need and there are many!  It was hard to choose and decide which family to help and I wanted him to choose for me as I got choked up looking at the items requested.  It breaks your heart …but here is a chance to make a difference to do something good with some well used dollars.


My boys and I decided that we would spend the money we usually spend on ourselves to make a difference in other families lives again this Christmas.  We took a family with 3 children to help.


If you can’t make it down you can call and do gift cards especially for the teens and tweens as well as grocery gift cards that will make a huge difference in a great holiday and after meal for the families.  So remember it is at the Beechwood Center at 44 Beach Street North Kingstown (right next to our town beach) and call 401.268.1579.


I know you all have a town…all have families in need…so reach out to the social services departments and see what you can do whether small or large in donation.  We all make a community thrive and we all build it one person at a time.  Please help in any way you can.  A Family’s Need in North Kingstown RI – In Every Town.


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    Wow, it is so delighting to hear about this holiday giving program in North Kingstown. Thank you for sharing about this, Ginny! It doesn’t surprise me at all that you wrote about this. You always have something inspiring to share.

    Petra Norris
    Lakeland Fl Short Sale Agents

  2. The Kuney-Todaro Team says

    Hi Ginny….this is exactly what Ginny Gorman would do for area residents….you’re always there helping and servicing those who are in need…. just another reason that those looking for a home in the North Kingstown area should call Ginny Gorman, their North Kingstown Realtor.