What are Sellers Expectations for a Home Closing Walk Through?

What are Sellers Expectations for a Home Closing Walk Through?


Sellers expectations near the crunch time of a house closing are just to get the home closed.  They are focused on the prize of having that check in hand.

What are Sellers Expectations for a Home Closing Walk Through?

Home Sellers Must Know

Sellers may be thinking of heading to their Bahama island to retire, downsize to a condo in RI real estate or move on to another home that meets the family’s needs now.  The sellers are somewhat oblivious to what the buyer wants at this time.  They got over the ‘hump’ of negotiations and just focused on packing up their belongings.

See we have two camps of people here: the buyer and the seller.  The meeting of these two to make it through a successful closing rests truly on the shoulders of the listing and buyers’ agents.  In fact, it is the all important ‘walk the talk’ time of understanding what is staying in a home and moving along with the sellers.  That is the reason we have signed purchase and sales agreements signed by both the buyers and the sellers.

In the Rhode Island purchase and sales agreement, section 12 is the description of Possession and condition of property.

In this section it describes that the seller shall deliver the property in ‘broom clean‘ condition free and clear of personal possessions at home closing walk through.  Any items that are to remain on the premises are listed in section 8 as included with the sale of the property.  If items are not listed there, then they need to be removed prior to closing of the home.

No good will come from the sellers who leave mops, bag mulch, old lawn furniture, cut wood, etc. as a worthwhile offering to the buyer unless it has been agreed to in writing prior to closing.  Sellers expectations are that they are helping the buyers out with little or big items left behind.  However, many buyers will consider anything left by the sellers a nuisance to them and something they do not want.

I have had home closings where the sellers left things behind at their former home.  Yes, they should have been in the dumpster instead of causing issues at the closing table.  When sellers do not understand what ‘broom clean’ means, the buyers attorney will withhold money at closing until the items are removed.  Be aware sellers that being generous to one person is not the same to all.

Take all of your possessions with you prior to closing.  If items are to be negotiated and stay at the home premises, they should be listed in an addendum to the purchase and sales agreement.  Following these simple rules makes for a far easier closing for both parties.  Sellers expectations for a home closing walk through should be broom clean…live by this rule!

What are Sellers Expectations for a Home Closing Walk Through?


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  1. Allen Deaver says

    Ginny thank you for this blog on a home being left in “broom clean” condition. I tell my sellers to put themselves in the buyers shoes. What condition would they want their future home to be in on moving day.