Sand filtration systems – Waterfront RI Real Estate Demands It

Sand filtration systems – Waterfront RI Real Estate Demands It

 There is something to be said about septic systems…they all have a useful life and if you live in a Rhode Island home you need them

Alternative RI septic systems for real estate

It is not a sandbox!


for your waste products from your sinks, toilets, showers and tubs which leave your home through the pipes.  These septic systems must be up to date and functioning so the contents do not back up into the home.  Holy, moly believe me I have seen it happen with homes in my RI real estate realm.


Whether you have an OWTS (on site wastewater system which formerly was known as an ISDS system), cesspool or sand filtration system it is required to maintain them.  If you live
in NarragansettSouth KingstownNorth Kingstown or Charlestown RI homes in the identified Critical Resource area (CRA), then you are subject to any replacement system or new system that uses the denitrification requirements.  The best known are the sand filtration systems for waterfront ri real estate all along coastal RI flood zones.
 There is also a system called the White Knight system that can replace a failed OWTS as I have discussed in other posts.

As a North Kingstown real estate agent, it is part of my business to understand the changes being made to Department of Environmental Management septic regulations along oceanfront RI real estate. Working hand in hand with knowledgeable septic designers and installers is important for me when representing a seller of coastal RI property.
 Sand filtration systems – Waterfront RI Real Estate Demands It
Coastal Rhode Island real estate

Keep the coastal RI real estate water pure

When walking around Wickford RI recently I snapped a picture of a sand filtration system that is right by a kids play yard…it does look like a sandbox does it not?  These are very high end systems that process the waste from the home and ensure that it is processed so that what leaches into Wickford Harbor does not pollute our pristine Narragansett Bay.  Their costs are much higher than an OWTS system – about 2 to 3 times the cost depending on the RI DEM’s determination by location.

So now you know what the ‘sandboxes‘ are you see around waterfront RI real estate!  And no, you can not plant on top of it!!  Have more questions if you are selling or buying a coastal Rhode Island home, call me at 401.529.7849.
 Sand filtration systems – Waterfront RI Real Estate Demands It.
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