Is this the $64,000 Question in Short Sales?

Is this the $64,000 question in short sales?


  It is the $64,000 question because that is the

Short sales or loan modifications

Call North Kingstown short sale agents to find out

amount a potential homeowner is ‘underwater’ between current market value to potential market sales price on her current home I have before me.  It appears that it will be a short sale.  Yes, there is a hardship for this family but one of them could make the mortgage payments but really not be able to live beyond that.


There is now only one  household income where there was two.  So in setting up all the requirements, needs, steps and hard questions for doing North Kingstown short sales, I have to be sure all routes have been explored.  There is soul searching and economics in this decision to perhaps stay in it.  I need to make sure if the Bank can and will do a successful loan modification for the one seller who wants to stay in it or we proceed to a short sale.


In some cases I have found a very few local banks willing to step forward and adjust the interest rate down to make it possible to stay in the home quickly.  Not often, but sometimes.  It is always worth exploring for the homeowner.


See some real estate agents will not suggest this route to sellers because again we are in the business of making money and with a loan modification we don’t make any.  With short sales we do make a commission.   However, if it is right for the client and can happen I am all for getting the loan modification done.  It really does depend upon the willingness of the bank to negotiate and not play games with the sellers for months.  That is why the North Kingstown short sale agents work out the process for the homeowners struggling.  It is all about keeping homeowners in their homes if possible and we all should be working on this ending point.


Talk to me if you need help on your  options to sell.  If a short sale is the right move for you, I will gladly guide you with my North Kingstown short sale agents team in the right direction and with the best representation.  In fact whether or not you have an underwater home or just a straight sale, I will market your home to the fullest to sell it for you at the best price.


My hard earned good reputation is important to me to keep so doing right for the seller is always paramount. The right advice should not be hard to come by. Give me a call today, Ginny Lacey Gorman at 401.529.7849.


Ginny Lacey Gorman is your go to North Kingstown Real Estate agent for homes in North Kingstown RI and beyond…knowing the geographic area, schools, happenings,important tidbits of information and  businesses well.

As North Kingstown short sale agents, if you are having trouble paying your mortgage contact Ginny to help you through the short sale process successfully. 

  Waterfront, oceanfront, luxury and coastal RI real estate are her specialty but all of RI is her backyard.  When you are in need of a good professional for your buying and selling needs and an internet savvy marketer who sells RI houses in this real estate market – call Ginny at 401.529.7849.


  1. The Kuney-Todaro Team says

    Hi Ginny…. it would be a wise decision for homeowners who are thinking they may be upside down with their mortgage to contact Ginny Gorman, the North Kingstown Realtor who will be honest and work in your best interest.

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    I also like to see homeowners stay in their homes. But, unfortunately the reality is not all homeowners will qualify for a loan modification. It’s imperative that homeowners contact an experienced North Kingstown Short Sale Agent like Ginny Gorman as soon as possible to review their options.

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    Love your tie in w/ the $64,000 question. Unfortunately too many people are finding themselves in this same situation, esp due to job loss. It’s to know they have someone they can trust wtih Ginny Gorman.