So Do You Look for Good Bones in a Home?

A solid home is desired

So Do You Look for Good Bones in a Home?

I am periodically asked that question by buyers and whether that makes a difference on whether to consider the home or not in RI coastal real estate.  Well that is a good question but I am no home inspector to make a ‘good bones’ call.

So I will make mention of items that a listing agent, when present, at a showing is not too happy about but that is part of my representation for my client.  It is a keeper or it isn’t.  If they are looking for the homes with ‘good bones‘ we can sort it out in our house hunt.  Sometimes it just is not about the visual.

During this time of home rehabbers doing their thing
there have been times when mold has been hidden during a home renovation only to surface later for the unexpected buyers.  As well as poor plumbing or electrical work.  So it is important to drill down on how a seller presents a house.  As a Real Estate Agent, many of these items are not in my cook book of tricks and I will point clients in the direction of good professionals who have the expertise in that field.  A Real Estate Agent needs to know their limits too.

Some of the things I may point out to a client or they may point out to me, especially watchful males, are call but I have learned much from home inspectors over the years:

– bows in the roof ( home inspector needs to check on that)
– extensive ceiling cracks
– slanted floors in some rooms
– windows or doors that don’t close or not fully
– water stains all around the perimeter of a basement
– piping that is not adequately doing its job
– foundation cracks

Certainly the above mini list are some items that raise awareness that some additional investment may be needed in a home.  These items may not be ‘bad bones’ to the house but just good bones in need of some repair.  It is the home inspector or additional professionals we may call in to evaluate an issue at hand that will determine that one.

I like to find the homes with 2 by 6 construction and everything that looks well maintained, invoices and building permits in the binder waiting for you and shows evidence of caring.  Yes, it is the ‘good bones‘ home I have a leaning towards for buyers who don’t want to do the fixing up of the home. Don’t tell me I am dreaming now! It is finding them that sometimes is the challenge!

So tell me what are some of the ‘good bones’ you look for in a home when you are with your buyers?   Please share.

So Do You Look for Good Bones in a Home?


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  1. the kuney-todaro team says

    Hi Ginny….this post is one of my favorites….. they don’t make homes the way they use to, starting with the frame and 2 x 6 construction…..