Why Do I Need to Do A Home Inspection If I am Paying Cash?

So You Say I Need a Home Inspection If I Am Paying Cash?


There are so many steps in home buying that a new buyer needs to understand.  Even the best of the experienced

Why Do I Need to Do A Home Inspection If I am Paying Cash?

What a home inspector does

home buyer misses items that may need to be repaired on the first home walk through.  A cash buyer may be more savvy in their RI real estate home property purchases though.  Paying cash just puts a different spin on house buying.  No lender involved, no contingencies sometimes, no appraisal to be done.  It allows more flexibility especially for a house that needs quite a bit of renovations.

Why do a home inspection?

– Without contingencies may not be such a smart move anymore for a buyer with flood plain maps and flood insurance changes.  It may cost you more than expected in the long run.  Check the current flood maps early in the offer process and see if they are spot on or can be challenged with an elevation certificate.
Why Do I Need to Do A Home Inspection If I am Paying Cash?

flood surge

Radon in water and air is known to exist.  If you are ultimately going to sell the house you are now buying, find out if you need to deal with these two environmental issues during the inspection process.  Remedies are easily managed but there will be costs…i.e.  Radon air mitigation runs $1000 and radon water mitigation runs about $4000.


– Structural damage with termites should be identified early on so it can be part of the price negotiations.


– Septic systems must be tested.  You can not open a cover and determine if the septic system works properly or not.  Depending upon where you live in RI, certain communities in the southern part of the state require sand filtration systems when replacing cesspools or failed septics.  Are you qualified to evaluate it?


– Heating systems may seem visibly fine but when inspected may show a firebox needs replacement as well as piping on an oil system.  Know this up front.  Also, ensure the flue chimney has a clean out box and that ‘stuff’ is not at the bottom of the chimney which can cause back up of carbon dioxide to a home.  All chimneys should have cover cages on top to keep animals out and prevent degradation of the chimney liners.  Protection adds to useful life here.


– Mold.  Can you identify mold properly and know how to remediate it properly?  It is important to have knowledgeable help here on this environmental concern.


You understand that I can go on about the need for hiring a great home inspector to check out your all cash home buy.  If you are not a builder or experienced contractor it is a MUST do.  It will cost you money to do it but it will be a good investment in the long run.
In RI you have 10 days from purchase and sales agreement to go forward with the home purchase or back out if you are the home buyer and get your earnest money deposit back.  Use that time well to do the home inspection.  Get names of good home inspectors and check their Better Business Bureau or Angie list on their credentials.  
One of my home buyer strengths, I am told, is that I always can recommend a few picky and knowledgeable home inspectors for my buyers.  These buyers always are happy to know what is truly going on with the house and to be prepared for the purchase.  Don’t let a cash buy put you off on not doing a home inspection.  Talk with me about the benefits of a great home inspection.  Good luck now!

Whether you are buying or selling in the RI coastal real estate market, I would love the opportunity to earn your trust and business.  As always, call me, Ginny Lacey Gorman, at (401) 529-7849 so we can discuss your RI real estate options.

Just remember to value a good home inspector!

Why Do I Need to Do A Home Inspection If I am Paying Cash?


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    Hello Ginny, your post is wonderful and I really loved it. Home inspection is one of the most important things one should take care of before buying a RI coastal home. I have seen many people escaping home inspection so as to save a few thousand dollars. But, this saving may further lead to big expenditures which you have to bear. Hence it is better to remember that have it done.