Memorial Day – A Day for Memoriams and Memorials- Tribute to the Troops

Memorial Day – A Day for Memoriams and Memorials- Tribute to the Troops


Memorial Day celebrations to remember

Memorial Day - on the beach or on the front

Tribute to our Troops

our troops here, abroad and the ones who have fallen is being celebrated today in North Kingstown and South Kingstown RI.  It is a celebration of their lives the ones we loved, have known and the ones we cherish with us.  We are thankful for all that our men and women in our armed forces and honor them on this day…although they are in our thoughts everyday.


Raise a red, white and blue flag today, salute our countrymen in uniform as you past by them, honor a parade by your attendance, place a flag at a memorial site but do not let this Memorial day go by without a thought about these service men and women.


I hang my old American flag with 48 stars no less outside my door every year as my tradition of remembrance and a tribute to the troops.  It reminds me, as well as my neighbors, of where we have been, the oceans we have crossed and our own soil we have protected.  It is no less of a day for THEM.  We give ‘them’ a name… our Patriots.


You will find me this year with my sons and their girlfriends at the South Kingstown RI Memorial Day parade on May 28th starting at 10 a.m.


The parade starts on Holly Street, continues down Main Street, and concludes at Saugatucket Park on High Street. A short ceremony will be held at the Veterans Memorial at Saugatucket Park immediately following.  Be in attendance in some way with heart and soul today.

Memorial Day – A Day for Memoriams and Memorials- Tribute to the Troops.  


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