Buyer Preparedness – It is Like the Military

Buyer Preparedness – It is Like the Military


I never was in the military, I do have to admit it but I have had past military people work for me.  Have to admit that buyer preparedness – it is like the military.  Military personnel are methodical, follow the

Get pre-approved for a mortgage in real estate

Buyer Preparedness – It is Like the Military

procedures and tend not to go too far left or right on decision making (my experience).

When dealing with Rhode Island real estate and the necessary qualifications for buyer preparedness, the military has some similarities.  And I bring this up because so many home buyers are coming into my Open Houses every Sunday very unprepared to buy.  It is a fact and it is not a fault of theirs.  The biggest part of buyer preparedness is being pre-qualified by a lender!


Buyers please do not use the on line calculators to determine your ability to pay for a home.  These on line calculators are so lacking.


These on line calculators do not include PMI (private mortgage insurance), the amount of real estate taxes for your home or flood insurance (if needed), etc.  Please above all else go and make an appointment with a mortgage originator.  Do this at your local credit union or small bank.  Find out what you can  AFFORD in monthly payments to buy a home.   Then call me to guide you well in a home purchase (psst! My services do not cost you anything but your time).  So you see it is buyer preparedness – and it is like the military.


My goal is to work with qualified buyers.  Find these buyers what they want- in the neighborhood that suits them and an affordable home.  Yes, being prepared makes the whole difference in buying your Rhode Island real estate home.


When you are ready to find the right North Kingstown neighborhood and home for sale, contact a North Kingstown real estate agent.  I’d love the opportunity to help.  Phone me today at (401) 529-7849, or email me at to schedule an appointment.

Buyer Preparedness – It is Like the Military.


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