North Kingstown RI Real Estate Report November 2015

North Kingstown RI Real Estate Report November 2015


This is the North Kingstown RI real estate market report and update for November 2015 and the year so far provided by Ginny Lacey Gorman of RI coastal real estate.


North Kingstown RI Real Estate Report November 2015


North Kingstown neighborhood homes are my business!

  North Kingstown year to date home sale numbers through November 2015 as compared to January-November 2014 are up by 7%.  Average home sold values so far this year are up now by 2% over last year same time period.   The average price for the month of November is $353,000 for a house in North Kingstown which sold for 96% of its list price and was on the market for 87 days prior to going into sales agreement.

It is clear that the North Kingstown home sale market continues its uphill growth in sales and sold values.

In this centrally located southern RI real estate coastal town it is about the community, life style, schools, Wickford Village, Narragansett Bay and great real estate that draws home buyers here.  North Kingstown is nearly in the center of RI which makes commuting to capitol city or south an added bonus to all who live here.


The month of November 2015 North Kingstown real estate data is as follows:

  • Properties currently active on the market: 200 ( 5% less than prior month)
  • Single-family properties closed:  27 ( 18% less than prior month)
  • Average sales price: $ 353,000 
  • Median sales  price: $ 295,000
  • Sales price to list price ratio: 96% ( 95% last month)
  • Average days on the market: 87 (80 days last month)
  • Sales currently pending: 41 ( 7% less than prior month)


North Kingstown RI Home Sale Update for November 2015

North Kingstown home absorption rate for the month is 7.4 months of home inventory (a normal & balanced real estate market is 5-7 months of inventory).  Inventory edged up 1 month over the prior month which is not unusual for this time of year.


  • Home absorption is the amount of time it will take to sell all the homes currently on the market without any additional homes being added to the current home inventory.  Yet the homes under $300,000 are moving fast with buyers this month if you can find one that is move in ready!
  • Breakdown of the 27 North Kingstown sold homes is as follows for the month: 14 homes sold under $300,000, 7 homes sold between $300,000-$400,000 and 5 homes sold over $400,000 but under $1 million  and 1 home for over $2 million.  The under $400,000 market remains a strong selling market in home sales.


Home sales through November 2015 for the year show 302 homes sold in North Kingstown at an average price of $346,000, sold at 96% of list price and on the real estate market for 85 days.  This is a 7% increase in home sales over November 2014 year to date sales with a 2% gain during 2015 over 2014 in home sold values so far.


 Successful Video Aerial Marketing increases home sales in North Kingstown- it is about setting your home apart and garnering the most buyers…discover why my state of the art video and photography marketing sells homes with higher prices for my RI clients. 


The North Kingstown RI home market is a viable and an solidly active real estate market this fall.  Know the secret sauce to pricing your home to get it sold today!  Pricing, timing, condition and location of the home are spot on keys to a sellers success here.  This is the time now to stage and put your home on the market to reach home buyers so be prepared.  Ensure you work with a local real estate agent that knows the market and how to guide you with your negotiations in a home.  

Real estate values have started to increase in North Kingstown in 2015. These are facts and figures every seller needs to know when you are thinking of selling your home and thinking about how to sell it.


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North Kingstown RI Real Estate Report November 2015


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