North Kingstown RI Home Sale December 2022 Year End Update

North Kingstown Real Estate Market December 2022

and Year End Report


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This is the North Kingstown RI single family home sales market update for December and for 2022.  This update is recapped and compiled by Ginny Gorman, top selling North Kingstown real estate agent.   

It is the season of home buying by the Ocean State waters which draw buyers into this centrally located RI town. This month shows an decrease in home sales over the prior month by 42% and pending home sales are down by 16%.  

Home Sales in 2022 compared to Home Sales in 2021


North Kingstown homes for sale Wickford historic home

North Kingstown single home sales number of are 3% less in 2022 compared to 2021.  Yet, in 2022  average home sold prices are up 13% on average over 2021.  The median home sold price change in the same period is up 8%.    North Kingstown continues to be one of the sought after towns for RI home buyers.  

What makes North Kingstown the town to move to and live?

In this southern RI coastal town it is about the community, life style, schools, Wickford Village, Narragansett Bay  which draws home buyers in.  North Kingstown is geographically in the center of Rhode Island coastal real estate state which makes commuting to Providence or south via Routes 1, 4 and 95 easy.

Home inventory is bought up quickly under $500,000.  Buyers prefer homes to be updated in order for sellers to receive well priced offers.   Know that Zillow (which many homeowners and buyers rely on for home estimates) has no idea about the condition or location of your home when coming up with their home estimates.


Know Ginny Gorman Lists and Sells North Kingstown Homes with Trust & Integrity


An experienced North Kingstown real estate agent does a due diligence and develops a solid marketing plan.  It is all based upon comparable active, pending and sold homes.  In addition,  the location, condition of home and knowing the community is essential.  It is important to hire a local agent that knows the home market.  This is the business I am committed to everyday for clients.


 North Kingstown Statistics December Home Sellers Need to Know:


  • Properties currently Active on the market: 26 (30% less homes for sale as prior month)
  • 6 homes of the Active homes on the market (of the 26) are in sales agreement already waiting to close
  • Single-family properties closed this month: 14 (24 homes sold last month)
  • Average sales price: $ 573,000
  • Median sales  price: $ 525,000
  • Sales price to list price ratio: 97% (99% prior month)
  • Average days on the market: 55  (37 days prior month also)
  • Sales currently pending: 16 (19 homes were in pending the prior month)
  • Average above ground square foot cost of a sold home is $337 this year.  It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with 1900 above ground living space,on average, sold.
  • The highest price home sold in town this month is $1,065,00 in Wickford Village.


North Kingstown home absorption rate for the month is 1.9 months of home inventory.  Based on  most recent home sales, the North Kingstown real estate market is in a sellers market.  

  • Home absorption is the amount of time it will take to sell all the homes currently on the market.
  • Breakdown of the 14 North Kingstown sold homes is as follows for the month:homes sold under $300,000, 0 home sold between $300,000-$400,000, 10 homes sold over $400,000 and  1 home sold over $ 1 million.

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2022 North Kingstown Real Estate Sales are as follows:


The average North Kingstown home sold so far this year is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with an average of 1900 above ground square feet of living space.  The 2022 average sold price is $646,000 (the median price is $575,000).  Single home sales numbers are up in 2022 (316 sales) as compared to  2021 (325 sales).  While the 2022 average home sold price is up 13% on average in the same time period. The median home sold price is up 12% over 2021 home prices.

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Here are the most current North Kingstown homes for sale under $500,000:


Here are the most current North Kingstown homes for sale over $500,000:


Talk with me about North Kingstown real estate and what you need to know in this fast paced market.  I live, play and work here and know the southern RI neighborhoods well.   You need defined representation always whether buying or selling a home.

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This is the 2022 North Kingstown real estate update as of December 31, 2022 to keep you in the know by Ginny Gorman.


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