Charlestown RI Real Estate Market December 2013 Update

Charlestown RI Homes Sold Recap for 2013 and December Month End

Charlestown RI estate market in December 2013 provided by Ginny Lacey Gorman of RI coastal real estate.

Home sales here year to date are down 31% over 2012 and home sale prices fell back by 11%.  The 2013 real estate market in Charlestown has not been able to measure up to the 2012 banner year for home sales and home prices.

The Charlestown RI home sales market this December 2013 is feeling the cool wind of winter come as sales lessen in this oceanfront community over the prior month.

Charlestown RI Real Estate Market December 2013 Update

Charlestown RI waterfront home


Nestled in the southern part of Rhode Island between Westerly and South Kingstown RI, this town offers beachfront and rural homes for the discriminating buyer.  It is the amazing coastline and serene landscapes that draw home buyers to this location.   Here is the December 2013 home sales update for the month, as follows:

  • Properties active and on the market: 72 ( down 24% from prior month)
  • Single-family properties closed: 5 ( down by 44% over last month)
  • Average sales price:                    $ 494,000 
  • Median sales  price:                     $ 230,000 
  • Sales price to list price ratio: 96% (94% last month)
  • Average days on the market: 87 (64% decrease over last month)
  • Sales currently pending: 8 (down by 4 sales over last month)
oceanfront beach in Charlestown RI real estate Charlestown RI oceanfront is fantastic

Charlestown RI home sales decreased this month. No luxury oceanfront homes sold either for $1 million and over.  Now with the changes in flood plains and insurance, waterfront homes will be evaluated with this in  mind.  It is another important fact in owning a coastal home to be aware of.

Charlestown’s home absorption rate remains a buyers real estate market.

  • Home absorption is the amount of time it will take to sell all the homes currently on the market without any additional homes being added to the current real estate market.

      • Home inventory shrunk in December, pending sales decreased by 4 homes and Charlestown RI home closings decreased by 4 homes over the prior month.

      • Breakdown of the 5 Charlestown RI home sales is as follows for the month: 3 homes sold under $300,000 and 2 homes sold over $400,000.     Charlestown RI homes sales still indicate that the best value for location, taxes and coastal living is the under $300,000 home market here. 

Charlestown RI Real Estate Market Year End Report for 2013

It is the change in Charlestown home sales prices and numbers from 2012 to 2013 that shows a slowing in this market.  With home sales down 31% and home sales prices down 10% year over year.  The year 2012 was an incredibly strong home market that was not followed in the following year.


Year Homes Sold Average Sales Price List Price/Sale Price Days on Market
2012 147 $457,000 94% 128
2013 112 $412,000 95% 128

Are sellers standing firmer on their home prices this year?  Perhaps.  There was  more of a home buying frenzy in 2012 than in 2013.

From coastal Charlestown homes to the rural country homes.  You are never far from the ocean here.  It is a great time to buy in the Quonnie area too if you are looking at true waterfront and walk to water Charlestown homes for sale.

Always check the flood zones out with your insurance agent before making an offer on a home.   The increases to flood insurance premiums have gone into effect as  of 2013. 

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