You are a Real Estate Agent but You are a Person First

 You are a Real Estate Agent but You are a Person First


You are a woman who cares about us…so went the conversation this afternoon that caught me by surprise. A client’s daughter called me to tell me that she was reaching out to people who had touched the family recently withYou are a Realtor but You are a Person First all they had going on. I dreaded that she was going to tell me her father had passed on but not so.


They had reached out to me to sell their dad’s FL condo which needed to be a short sale because the FL listing agent wasn’t doing the job. I found them a great Real Estate Agent in FL who has been making it easy for them.


My client was a former NY police detective who had been written up in a New York Times article on cold case he worked on 40 years ago that just brought the criminal to justice- a serial killer which they brought him to NY to testify against. With everything going on in their lives, Francis is also dying of cancer and the family is coming to peace with that in their lives too. The daughter told me they just moved him to a great nursing home.


It is humbling to have someone so appreciative when what I did for them is how I do my job. It is part of my nature to not just do the transaction but connect well with the human side also. They had relocated from FL and were not familiar with RI so I helped them with lodging and settling here in RI real estate. And now it is a question of quality time left for the father with his children which they do cherish.


What did I do that was different? You tell me…people always deserve to see your best face on and I just was being the human being I am…because although we are Real Estate Agents we are people first.


You are a Realtor but you are a person first.


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