Yeow! It’s that Orange Sticker Policy on Houses in Waterfront Narragansett RI 02852 Again!

Yeow! It’s that Orange Sticker Policy on Houses in Waterfront 

orange sticker policy

Narragansett RI 02852 Again!


The verdict is in and the University of Rhode Island’s Student Senate lawsuit challenging the town of Narragansett‘s orange sticker policy has been struck down by a higher court.  Much to the disappointment to all the students who rent off campus in the town of Narragansett and have partying mayhem in their bones.  It’s time to be more careful.

What is that orange sticker policy you ask?

The town of Narragansett police are allowed to place a 10 by 14 inch orange sticker on the front door (thereby branding it) of homes that are accused of being a public nuisance…that is any public get together of 5 or more people that substantially disturbs the quiet environment of a neighborhood by unlawful conduct such as loud noise and drunken behavior.  Homeowners of these waterfront Narragansett homes and other homes in neighborhoods that rent out to the students also face fines when infractions occur in order to put pressure on the tenants to behave. Neighbors of these party houses are thrilled with the decision and hope that quieter times are ahead for their neighborhoods.


Understandably there needs to be a meeting of the minds and bodies when college kids and baby boomer neighbors collide on their social activity level.  A need to reach a common ground on compatible living in this waterfront Narragansett communityis necessary.  The orange sticker policy is no different than the tainted ‘A’ in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel (remember that one?).  No house wants the orange sticker on their front door and certainly the owner does not either.


So if you are a buyer looking for waterfront homes in Narragansett for sale, you need to be working with a trusted and thorough vetting agent like me who can give you the down and dirty about buying here.  Believe me I know Narragansett RI like the back of my hand and oh by the way, I was a student once at the University of Rhode Island and know how some neighborhoods get carried away with the party momentum…so wouldn’t you want to work with an agent who knows the community you want to live in?

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