Year After Hurricane Sandy | Flood Insurance Will Not Go Away

Year After Hurricane Sandy | Flood Insurance Will Not Go Away


The havoc and devastation that Hurricane Sandy wreaked on all of us in Rhode Island is still remembered well.  I had a home closing for a house in a flood zone that day in October 2012 (the home

Year After Hurricane Sandy | Flood Insurance in real estate

flood surge

survived the storm well thank goodness), made sure all my cared for properties had been battened down and headed home to make sure my house was as well.

One thing about this RI real estate agent is I know the experience of being in flood zones.  I live in a ‘C’ zone which is considered low risk flood zone.  We did not have to evacuate during Hurricane Sandy and could watch the fierceness of Narragansett Bay waters.  Should we have left the coastal shores?  Probably.  My RI coastal real estate area had damage from trees and a few houses had flooding in their basements but we were thankfully spared. 

Now on this one year anniversary of that hurricane, coastal shores everywhere are facing flood insurance premium changes (although at this point the flood insurance increases have been put on hold for now 10/29/2013).

It is the tsunami of federal flood insurance subsidy losses that do not lessen.  It is man’s right to own property, it is not a right to be able to obtain insurance for it.  So the question will be in the next year how we deal with flood insurance and make it bearable to the homeowner and the U.S. government that has been bleeding its coffers to cover the losses.

As a waterfront property owner I realize that the government should not be responsible if I choose to own a home in a known flood zone.  However, it is not fair that while I own a property, the government can tell me that the flood plain has changed to make my property nearly worthless.  This is the property dilemma faced along all waterways now.  New options must appear to homeowners impacted with such things as community self insurance of properties.  We as homeowners can not depend upon our government to bail us out of a catastrophe of epic flood proportions.
So a year after Sandy we in Rhode Island, like other states along the East coast, need to address the water issues that face our properties survival and stay above the surge.  Hurricanes are not going away and flood threats will continue to challenge property owners everywhere.  Let us learn better how to meet this challenge.
Year After Hurricane Sandy | Flood Insurance Will Not Go Away
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