Wordless Wednesday – Picture that Captured a Moment.

Wordless Wednesday – Picture that Captured a Moment


Driving through Connecticut earlier this week this 19th century barn just captured my eye.  It obviously is being well taken care of and maintained and just like an elder statesman, it is proud to hold its mark in time.

Nineteenth century barn

The owner was outside in the yard when I jumped out to take the ‘forever moment’ to use some day…she thought it was very special that I would use the picture on my blogging platform.  She said she put the flag up on the barn as soon as she heard of the demise of Osama bin Laden.


She gave me her permission to step along her manicured lawn to take a few pictures.  Of course she said, I really don’t know what ‘blogging’ is since I do not own a computer and do not really want one.  Oh well, I could not really direct her to my blog then but promised I would print out a blog post sheet for her to have and send it her way- snail mail.  Ironically, her name is Evelyn.


Aah, simpler times were not just in the 19th century…sometimes not being connected is a blessing don’t you think so?!


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