Wickford Village RI – Men’s Night Tonight

Wickford Village RI – Men’s Night Tonight


Since 77% of all Christmas shoppers still have not done their shopping yet (according to the latest stats)

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Waterfront of Wickford Harbor- Wickford RI

what better place for the men out there then to head to Wickford RI.

Everything is within walking distance shopwise and you do not have the bump to bump malls and horrendous parking lots to deal with here.  Plus what a view of Wickford Harbor and the amazing RI waterfront real estate that is such a stunning blue color this time of year.  Wait!  With the temperatures in the 50 degree range I am seeing many men out there in bermuda shorts shopping right now!


It is Men’s Night tonight, Wednesday, December 21st in Wickford Village RI.  Little

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Historic Wickford RI Homes on the Harbor

goodies will be offered to attract you into each of the shop venues from mini massages (okay, after the shopping boyz!), live bluegrass music performed by “Held without Bail” and if you head into our all time favorite store Wilson’s of Wickford you will be able to grab a microbrew at a beer tasting there.


What a way for all the men to enjoy themselves as they shop ’til they drop!  In a good way no less.  Support your local waterfront Wickford Village businesses, have a bite to eat at the local eateries, find some jewelry, kitchen ware, bath items, books, gift cards and special something for the great people you enjoy all year.  I will send my boys on their way to Wickford Village shopping tonight along with a wish list!  They are still looking for the ruby red shoes for me…


Wickford Village RI – Men’s Night Tonight.


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