Wickford RI Historic Homes – Medley of Colors

Wickford RI Historic Homes – Medley of Colors


Well it is a wonderful Easter weekend in Wickford RI 02852 and it is time not only to celebrate

Wickford RI Home

the bunnies, chicks and glorious Faberge colored homes in the historic coastal North Kingstown RI real estate location of this quaint Wickford village.  It is the here and now….breathe in the colors, grab you smart phone, smell the seaside air and take heart in the memories of enjoyment as you beat feet to explore the area.


There is so much to see in this ole seaport that once was home to the wealthy businessmen and their families of the 19th century who honed their crafts and businesses with easy access to the sea.


It is so fortunate for the visitors here that homeowners and the Historic Commission in this town have made sure that the homes in and around the waterfront remain in good stead here.  All for any seeker of Wickford homes for sale to find and consider like below:

Looking to relocate to North Kingstown?  Come explore and you can decide with a little help from me.

There is no doubt it is a walk back in time as the Wickford RI visitor imagines this colonial time in its hey day.  From historic Brown Street to West Main Street and beyond the colors of the homes that reside here.  All inspire the colonial mindful thoughts of perhaps even a revolutionary bygone time.  It is all to imagine…

From the quaint shops and the sidewalk restaurants and cafes, a day spent here is not a day lost in time.  Enjoy this North Kingstown village which inspires all who have the luck and pleasure to stop by…it is Wickford RI you know.  It is Easter and time to celebrate the colors of the village …Wickford RI Historic Homes – Medley of Colors.




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