Wickford Rhode Island’s Festival of Lights

Wickford Rhode Island’s Festival of Lights


It is December 1st, 2011 and the dusk was settling over the Wickford Harbor and the lights were bright behind me.  It is still early…just 5 p.m.  The Wickford waterfront RI real estate here is fully decorated and ready for launch.


Wickford RI Festival of Light

Dusk in Wickford RI- Festival of Lights

The Festival of Lights in Wickford Village does not start officially until 6.

 Coming into Wickford Village, before the crowds come down, is a pleasure to take pictures, enjoy the thousands of sparkly white lights that line the Village and grab a chocolate goodie from the Boy Scouts sale table.

Wickford RI

Waterfront Wickford RI- Waiting for Santa


The Wickford Village stores were decorated in holiday cheer.   Store owners here are in high spirit as customers spend the time to visit and buy their local wares.


And Santa was arriving by boat shortly to the Town Dock for all children big & small to smile about….for it tis the season when hopes and wishes may come true.  Aah, the Festival of Lights is such a truly magnificent town event that brings out the throngs of locals and beyond.  Even the news truck was there tonight to film the event!


Wickford RI waterfront

Enjoy the waterfront view- Wickford RI Real Estate


So as I head out of the Wickford Rhode Island’s Festival of Light, the Village parking lot was filling up quickly.  The weather is good, cool and clear tonight.  It is a great night in the waterfront of Wickford for that is what makes this hamlet within North Kingstown.  Water, water everywhere to enjoy…even Santa appreciates it for how else would he arrive?


The Festival of Lights goes on all weekend so come to Wickford Rhode Island’s Festival of Lights!


Wickford Rhode Island’s Festival of Lights.


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