Who needs Aurora Borealis?!

Who needs Aurora Borealis?!


Just look skywards about 5 pm in the evening towards the westward skies and with awe gaze at the spectacular sight that reveals itself to you.  Can a sky like that be so hand painted to take your breath away…most definitely.  It makes you realize that the life around you is so magical in its natural form.  There is no Photoshop technique here- this is pure, natural and a western North Kingstown real estate sky.


North Kingstown RI Sunset

Who needs Aurora Borealis?


So in South County RI and especially North Kingstown where this picture was taken from my favorite boutique food store, Dave’s Marketplace, parking lot I realize I just do not need the Aurora Borealis tonight!  I am in awe again and again at the beauty of nature and this evening is no exception.

Reach out and find your own Aurora Borealis…because this one is mine. Who needs Aurora Borealis?!
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