When Your Name as a Real Estate Agent Becomes a Household Name

When Your Name as a Real Estate Agent Becomes a Household Name


As a new month begins and the Rhode Island real estate closings line up to come to be (most hopefully so), some real estate clients you may be closer to

Ginny Lacey Gorman THE North Kingstown Realtor

From the mouth of Babes

than others.  Perhaps it is the personalities involved as well as the ‘sticktuitiveness’ that we both, as clients and Real Estate Agents have.  There is a bond that is established that establishes you as part of the family when you are close to them…it is like being a household name.

It is not unusual to work on multiple houses for a client from the selling end of one home to the buying home of another.

Sometimes it can take years and other times months- it just all flows well.  Babies can be born, animals acquired, and more than the usual stuff for sure.  It is why you want your name to remain a household name with your clients.  Clients for life we always hope for in RI real estate.

Sharing is caring and good deeds help.

One of my past clients has an adorable child and over the course of many months of his growing into his ‘twos’ we always had contact.  He never uttered a word around me but he always was so mischievous and playful.  Kept his mom in constant motion especially in the new home with the many stairs that were gated off.

Last week she called me to say that my RI Real Estate Agent picture came up on the computer when they were GOOGLing something in North Kingstown real estate and little ‘buddy’ saw my picture on the screen and said ‘INNY‘ ! And kept pointing…I have been reduced to an’ INNY’ now (I thought that had to do with belly buttons)…yes, a Real Estate Agent as a household name out of the mouth of babes (he just couldn’t say Ginny).  Well his grandma & grandpa who were there were not so pleased because he has no names for them!  But he knows my name!  Too funny.  

Now if I can make that happen across the board with other North Kingstown real estate consumers and beyond, I will be up on cloud nine.  But truthfully I am very content to be the household name in North Kingstown real estate and beyond with past and future clients.  It is gives me that healthy buzz!
 When Your Name as a Real Estate agent Becomes a Household Name. 
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