When the Lights Go Out in North Kingstown

When the Lights Go Out

.the steady as you go bloggers get going and since it is Day 5 without electricity due to

When the lights go out.

Yamaha Generator to the rescue

tropical storm Irene in RI real estate, my office & home is still without power and being in the blogging real estate realm is tough. So you think you can find a generator anywhere- NOT! But we convinced my brokers wife to give her generator up for the day so we can have office phones and internet. It is almost as good as taking a hot shower when you are living like this.


Needless to say that we had power cords, splits and office windows ajar all going out to what was going to power us for the day. On a main road in North Kingstown, it is not good business for our electric company to not have all the businesses up and running on their own power by now…but it seems that the ‘feed’ power lines run in from the woods. We had a tornado on this power feed so the lights stay out until Monday. Besides that it is hard to believe that 65 mph winds could do this much damage to RI Real Estate. Prepping for the next big one is on all of our minds now.


Honestly, it really brought camaraderie to many in the office! The Yamaha generator hummed along and powered us all day. And the out of state buyers were calling in so it was great…thank you Maureen for giving up the Yamaha for the day. When the Lights Go Out in North Kingstown…


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