What types of carpeting are in style for your home in North Kingstown RI?

What types of carpeting are in style for your home in North Kingstown RI?


Carpet Trends – North Kingstown RI 02852

Carpeting for North Kingstown RI Real Estate and Homes for Sale

Carpeting is a choice- make it well

1. Neutrals – Beiges, taupes, grays are in style for carpet. After all, going neutral opens up all sorts of other possibilities for decor. I’d rather have the eye focus on walls, window treatments, paintings, pillows then the carpet (esp since it will get dirty over time). Nowadays, it’s very rare for me to sell a colored carpet (e.g. blue, green, pink). They are not unpopular, they aren’t practical, and if you are going to sell in the next few years, they don’t make sense…you would just need to replace a second time before selling.


2. Tone on Tone carpets – this has been the fastest growing carpet segment for several years in a row. It’s an easy way to add decor without adding another color or too much distraction. Tone on tone carpets provide visual intrique and can be done easily without breaking the bank. Some customers prefer geometric shapes (majority seem to like this, especially diamonds); others more flowery or free flowing designs.

Berber carpets also work for steps and the looped carpets hold up better to traffic vs. the plush ones.

4. Carpet Runners for steps – This seems to be more a of a local Northeast trend, as my fellow Floor Coverings International owners across the country are not seeing a rise here. This may be because we have more steps with hardwood here, more mixed population, the style of the homes. Anyway, customers tend to want carpet runners for 2 reasons: 1) decoration/style, especially if the main steps can be viewed from entryway (it’s the first impression) and 2) safety i.e. less slipping (e.g. for familiies wi/ toddlers, pregnant moms, aging dogs, and occasionally aging parents.


5. Growing demand for natural carpet products and greener versions – First and foremost, I have many more customers looking for wool carpets. This natural fiber is a higher carpet, is more expensive, but tends to last much longer and is naturally more resilient to stains. I either get requests for the understated plain earth tones (which look incredibly stylish and upscale w/ the right paint colors and furniture) or super high end wools with patterns such as Karastan or Couristan. I also have been getting requests for sisal carpet, another natural fiber that tends to wear well (but it’s a bit hard on your feet, so not usually the best selection for a bedroom). Thankfully, in the mainstream nylon carpet, the manufacturers are getting more savvy, and many nylon carpets can be recycled and some Shaw carpets also have 25% recycled content. So, we are making some progress here.

Debbie Gartner is a guest blog contributor on RI Real Estate.  This post was written by Debbie Gartner, The Flooring Girl of Westchester NY 914-937-2950.

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Types of carpets are in style – North Kingstown RI 02852



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