Waterfront Shore Acres – Sauga Point – Wickford RI 02852

Waterfront Shore Acres – Sauga Point – Wickford RI 02852

Sometimes a picturesque and Narragansett Bay waterfront landscape is just amazing to behold.  As you leave

 Post Road heading down Camp Avenue outside of coastal Wickford RI real estate, but still within the North Kingstown perimeter.  It takes about five minutes to  reach the destination of Shore Acres.  Actually, you are heading out to a peninsula of land that just seems to airily float on the water – Sauga Point.  Another waterfront Wickford neighborhood of homes that draws buyers of Wickford RI homes for sale to this neighborhood.


Waterfront Shore Acres - Sauga Point - Wickford RI 02852.

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It is a unique neighborhood in that the houses are of all kinds from shack, cottage, bungalow, custom built and luxury home.  A potpourri of home mixtures to appeal to all the senses for someone who wants to be near or on the waterfront in Wickford RI.  Take a look of the aerial Shore Acres video of a waterfront North Kingstown home sold here.


  Shore Acres Avenue travels around Sauga Point and becomes Sauga Avenue with homes either on the inside with water views or on the outside with true waterfront- many have a dock and some have a beach.  What all the homes have are a sensory exploration of a visual experience that is so inviting.  Watch the sunrises or sunsets over Narragansett Bay or Fishing Cove to Wickford Harbor. 

Waterfront Shore Acres - Sauga Point - Wickford RI 02852.

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Just around the bend is the wonderful neighborhood of Wickford Point and another stone’s throw down the road is Cedarhurst and the Cedarhurst condominiums which also give the owners waterfront views in the protected area of Fishing Cove.  A lot to take in and decide which neighborhood is for you.


In Shore Acres on Sauga Point you will find homes from $180,000 to $900,000+ so there can be something for everyone in this neighborhood.


Some may be knock down homes and some are move in ready – so take your pick!  Now an interesting side note is that the state hot dog is called a ‘saugy’ and I wonder which came first the saugy or Sauga Point with the name given…have not found an answer to this wordsmithing challenge yet.

Enjoy a drive through this neighborhood in your South County RI house hunting journey.  Waterfront Shore Acres – Sauga Point – Wickford RI 02852.  Watch the aerial marketing video of this waterfront neighborhood:


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