Update | Narragansett Rhode Island Real Estate Market | August 2012

Update | Narragansett Rhode Island Real Estate Market | August 2012


Update the Narragansett Real Estate Market August 2012 and find out the facts on home sales in August 2012.  Know what you are looking for, what is selling and price ranges of Narragansett homes for sale.  Is it still a buyers market?  Yes, it is.
20 Narragansett homes were sold in August, as follows:         

1 waterfront Narragansett home sold for over $1 million     

Narragansett Rhode Island Real Estate Market

Galilee RI breachway – Waterfront Narragansett Real Estate

5 homes sold over $400,000

10 homes sold between $300,00- $400,000

  4 homes sold for under $300,000

Update | Narragansett Rhode Island Real Estate Market | August 2012

Narragansett RI Beach & real estate with the ocean

Stunning beach next to Scarborough Beach


Narragansett Rhode Island Real Estate Home Sale Information Facts:

Average Home Sale Price in August 2012 was $454,150,  homes sold on average for 92% of list price  and were on the real estate market for 141 days on average.

Median Home Sale Price in August 2012 was $360,000, median price of homes sold was 92% of list price and the median days on market were 102 days.


Home sales are up 54 % over the prior month.  There seem to be wide swings from month to month recently.

Narragansett home sales are up 43% over last year same time (August 2012 compared to August 2011).  This is again a good sign to the local housing market.


Galilee fishing village in Narragansett real estate

Commercial fishing is a shrinking U.S. industry


There were 169 Narragansett homes for sale in August 2012 which was a 10% decrease over the prior month.

The choices of homes in all price ranges are there for interested ready, willing and able buyers.  Make sure you are pre-approved through a mortgage lender so you are ready to make an offer.


In the $1 million category of Narragansett homes for sale,  there are 40 homes for sale now.  And yes, luxury sales in this waterfront Narragansett community are selling slowly.


 Update | Narragansett Rhode Island Real Estate Market | August 2012

The number of homes sold in August was 7 more than the number sold in July.

No Narragansett short sale sold in August.   

Narragansett’s August pending home sales: 27  homes.  Pending sales are up by 1% over the prior month.

Summer days are gone as we head into the Fall season here.  It is a great time to buy as well as enjoy Narragansett!

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